August 31, 2011

1962 to Curfew | Indepencence Day in Trinidad and Tobago

Just some random thoughts this morning as the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago remembers August 31, 1962 - Independence Day!

I woke up this morning and realized that I did not do a post marking the celebration of another Independence Day in my beloved Trinidad and Tobago. However, this was not an error on my part; the truth is I did not know what to say! What is there to celebrate? The current State of Emergency with curfew restrictions in place don't  help. It does not feel good today but  we do have plenty to celebrate... Our people have achieved great feats that many countries in the World still aspire towards. We have won Miss Universe and Miss World crowns, we were the smallest nation to reach the World Cup finals, we have Olympic champions and possess a land that is beautiful and bountiful. Yes, still there is a pain deep within my stomach that churns and hurts today but at the same time I can hope for a better day.

Yes we are a nation that has given the World Calypso, the wonderful steelpan instruments, Limbo dance and a host of other achievements that we should all be proud to say, "I am a Trini and proud to say it aloud".Yet still the pain persists! Today our beloved is under a State of Emergency that has sent ripples of uncertainty and distrust throughout the land. The ugly head of racism has surfaced once again. We are falling prey to one of the most notorious instruments used by the colonial masters to control us - make the Indians and Africans distrust each other.Where do we go from here is the question that needs to be answered?

Youth Employment and Youth empowerment programs are needed however, this is not the sole responsibility of the government. As a nation, as a people we need to rise together and make things happen because it is the right thing to do. We don't want the label of 'party mentality' to become a burden for our children... We need to rise above the chaos and from those ashes become self reliant and truly independent. 

We need to diversify our industries and prepare for the day when the Oil and Gas pension fund runs out. My friend who uses the sobriquet "Gumbo LaiLai" is very passionate about this subject and likes to look at the Singapore model to show that we too can achieve self reliance and reduced dependence on the State to survive. What went wrong? What is the problem? Well we are and, at the same time, also the solution to the problem! 

We need to move on and clean up our country of the burdens places upon us by the criminals and poor government administration. The current drive to rid ourselves of the fear of criminal activities is a start but we need to push forward with an education system that teaches self reliance and a thirst always want to achieve more. Private enterprise is the answer and we need to understand this and nurture small enterprises that contribute to the nation's GNP. 

Indeed, I woke up this morning and realized that I did not do a post marking the celebration of our country's 49th. anniversary of Independence but still found the time to say  a few words before my wife said it was time to leave for work. I pray that we can find our way as a nation. We need to embrace each other and forge ahead with the hope that the next generation will do a better job - we have not! Today is day 10 of the imposed curfew. What are your thoughts at this moment? Are you proud, nervous, ashamed or simply indifferent?

These are my thoughts this morning and in case you forgot, here are the 'watchwords' given to the nation by the late 'father of the nation, Dr. Eric Eustace Williams: Discipline, Tolerance and Production.

While we are in this place of  reflection let us also keep in mind National Motto: Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve.

Take this opportunity to listen to our national anthem! Have a pleasant day all and may God bless our nation!


Cure homesickness this weekend | Carnival in Brooklyn

If you are a born and bred Trini and living overseas (especially those of us in North America) then homesickness is a disease that rages on throughout the year. If you say that 'yuh overs dat' then you are a liar and was never "Trini 2D Bone". So how did you or do you deal with your homesickness? If you are unable to return home (for whatever reason) what are your options? Well my friends since the 1920's West Indians living in New York City have had their carnival parties in private spaces followed by the first street parade in Harlem. In the 1940's a Trinidadian named Jesse Waddle obtained the first permit to parade on the streets of Harlem giving birth to the first West Indian Carnival (on the streets) in New York that went on to become the World famous Labor Day Carnival in Brooklyn. Yes you can chase away some of that home sickness this weekend with several Trinidad style festivities that culminate on D'Parkway on Labor Day.

The parades in Harlem continued from the 1940's to the last celebration on 7th Avenue in Harlem in 1964. The permit to parade was revokes because of what is quoted as a 'disturbance". In 1969 another Trinidadian Carlos Lezama was granted a permit to parade on Eastern Parkway. This was the beginings of this World Famous Parade that will take place this weekend. This was the start of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA). Today the organization is chaired by Mr. Lezema's neice Yolanda Lezam-Clark. 

Now if you are a true Trini you would take advantage of this opportunity to soak up some of the homeland culture with the likes of Machel Montano, Kes and his band performing in the Big Apple. Of course the Brass Fest (09/02/11) and Steelpan competition (09/02/11) are tempting along with the Carnival Sunday night Dimanche Gras. Of course there is Jouvert on the Parkway followed by the traditional Parade of the Bands. There are enough activities to wash away your homesick blues and put back some life in those sad and sorry brain cells.

Now if you a WACK fan then you have the option of coming to the WACK Radio 901 fm Meet and Greet gathering at Frankie's Hideway. This is always a fun activity where people who chat daily in the Wack "shout box" get an opportunity to meet and talk face to face. This is one very interesting event because you are sure to be surprised by the real personality you will encounter. Case in point - "Babash". Last year I was struck by the fact that the man was such a big Teddy Bear! Talk about big mouth in the box and in person a gentleman and very likable personality. So come and "Meet and Greet" your friends or that person who just drives you nuts daily. Come and wash off the dust, the cobweb and bring back some real Trini 2D Bone feelings. Do what those at home can't do... Come and lime after the curfew hour has past!


August 30, 2011

No Arms, No Legs | No Worries

Damn, we go through life complaining about petty things everyday... Haven't you? Well I have, but tonight I look at life differently and hope that this new feeling I have inside of me lasts forever! I was blown away by the enthusiasm shown by fearless man - Nick Vujicic. If you want to be inspired then watch this video in its entirety. More than 23, 351, 247 persons have watched this video (video hits). After watching this video you will surely look at yourself, your friends and life differently. Pass the YouTube link on to your friends for viewing. 


"Granny Quilla" begs for forgiveness | AG not sympathetic

Who is "Granny Quilla"? Well that is the sobriquet used by the teenage girl (14 years old) who posted her feelings of hate and racism on Facebook and YouTube condemning the actions of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar for implementing the current State of Emergency in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Girl's apology:
“I could not sleep last night. I just want to say I am sorry to the Prime Minister (Kamla Persad-Bissessar) for insulting her like that. I am sorry for the language, I am sorry for all the racist stuff I said. I do not really care about racist things because I am not racist, I do not really look at it like that but I am just real sorry.”

The Attorney General's response:
“What I wish to say to her, as sorry as I might be for her actions and as disappointed and as disgusted people may feel by it, what you must do now is to turn yourself into the police and let them deal with the matter because it is a most serious matter,” he said.
"We all make mistakes but this is a very grave one…The best thing you can do is turn yourself in to the police and let the law take its course, and pray, and know that God will always have mercy and there will always be another door to open in life." 

I wonder if the threat of legal action by the Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago is the reason for the apology or does she honestly realize that her racist remarks and threats to the life of the Prime Minister were totally reprehensible. Trinidad has enough to deal with and during this state of emergency it was a very foolish thing to do - especially coming from a teenager! This unfortunate situation is a lesson for all parents who don't monitor their children's activities on the Internet. Maybe some good will come from this black hole this child has cast her family into; just think about it for a moment, 'parental supervision' may become buzz words and  could  now be 'en vogue'! Taking into consideration our laid back attitude this may or may not be the case but one can only hope.

Hmm... Do you think she used a government sponsored laptop to post the video? Now that may be a cause for concern for the government (just a passing thought). Many people think that it (video posting) was funny and no big deal (especially) since it was just a joke by a child. Well my friends, I am sure before the AG acted she was a hero for posting her sentiments. Mind you, these are the sentiments that a many citizens of Trinidad and Tobago emulate at this time - she was their heroine and I am sure she felt like a champion of the people. Her star shone brightly for a while but dimmed quickly after the AG acted.

Well to say that humpty dumpty fell off that wall very quickly is an understatement; and it is especially surprising to me to read the commentaries on the newspaper blog posts that  are now in favor of the actions of the Attorney General, Anand Ramlogan. People are now lauding the words uttered by the Prime Minister who basically said the young lady needs help. The 14 year old may be sympathetic now however, the AG is not as sympathetic and he should not be! Sometimes, because of our lack of foresight, we have to learn the hard way. As far as I am concerned the lesson to be learned here is that every tub has to learn to sit on its' own bottom | She has to face the consequences of her actions! Hopefully she, and others like her, would learn a valuable lesson from her misdirected exuberance.


August 29, 2011

Cuban man proud of his 24 digits | Pictures - Yahoo! News

I saw this article on the  Yahoo News Blog and decided to repost the link here on Trinizagada. I have a friend who has an extra digit on each hand but it is not as developed or can be used as is the case with this gentleman in the photo. This is the very first time that I have seen a person with an extra finger on each hand that is functional.

I found it very interesting that his hands with the extra digits look so natural!  Yoandri Hernandez Garrido hands look perfectly natural (maybe I should have said normal)... What do you think?

Now here is the big surprise... Not only does he possess the extra digits on his hands but would you believe that the same applies for his feet? Just take a look at the photo below. 

No! Ladies don't even go there... Nothing else comes in a pair!


Acquisition of Patrol Vessels | Trinidad and Tobago

I don't know if I should be surprised, but isn't this an interesting turn of events? Some would throw their hands in the air, exasperated, and say that they simply did not want to accept the fact that the PNM was right and that we do need the offshore patrol vessels! However, the news release is interesting. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago is seeking respondents to provide information regarding the acquisition of Patrol vessels "of proven design for the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (Coast Guard)". I guess the previous requisition/purchase by the PNM administration left a bad impression with this present administration (Peoples Partnership). Those vessels, built by BAE Systems, are on hold because of a 'breach of contract' as seen through the eyes of the Government lawyers. We have not heard the last of this... 

It appears that this administration wants to come forward with what they consider to be a better deal for the country. It should be an interesting series of debates in Parliament once the approval for funding comes up for debate. We are living in interesting times!

Here is the official news release from the Ministry of National Security.



The Government of the Republic Trinidad and Tobago is interested in acquiring Patrol Vessels of proven
design for the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (Coast Guard).  The Patrol Vessels are intended for operations in the territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone around Trinidad and Tobago and for regional
operations in the Southern Caribbean.  These operations would include Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement and Humanitarian operations based on Government’s Directives, Agreements and Treaties with neighbouring

The desired vessels should be cost-effective multi-mission platforms for use in the tropics, with long-range command and control capability, and built to a recognized Classification Society standard.

The Request for Information is available in hard copy from the Procurement Unit of the Ministry of National Security, and at the following website:

Respondents are asked to submit their information not later than 4:00pm on 16th September 2011.

Commodore Anthony Franklin (Ret.)

Committee for the Acquisition of Naval Vessels


Governors, Governor Generals, Chief Ministers, Premiers, Prime Ministers, Presidents | Trinidad and Tobago

Here is a listing of Governors, Governor Generals, Chief Ministers, Premiers, Prime Ministers, Presidents from  Trinidad and Tobago.

Spanish Governors (1506 - 1797)
  • Diego Colón - 1506 - 1526
  • Rodrigo de Bastides - 1521
  • Don Antonio Sedeño - July 12 1530 - 1538
  • Don Juan Ponce de León 1571 - 1591
  • Antonio de Berrío 1580 - 1597
  • Fernando de Berrío 1597 - 1612
  • Don Diego Palomeque de Acuña 1615 - 1618
  • Fernando de Berrío 1619 - 1622
  • Don Luis de Monsalves 1624 - 1631
  • Cristóval de Aranda 1631 - 1636
  • Diego López de Escobar 1636 - 1641
  • Don Martín de Mendoza y Berrío 1642 - 1657
  • Juan de Viedma 1657 - 1664
  • José de Aspe y Zuñiga 1665 - 1668
  • Diego Ximenes de Aldana 1670 - 1677
  • Tiburcio de Aspe y Zúñiga 1678 - 1682
  • Diego Suárez Ponce de León 1682 - 1688
  • Sebastian de Roseta 1688 - 1690
  • Francisco de Ménez 1692 - 1698
  • José de León Echales 1699 - 1700
  • Francisco Ruíz de Aguirre 1700 - 1705
  • Felipe de Artineda 1705 - 1711
  • Cristóval Félix de Guzman 1700 - 1705
  • Pedro de Varza 1700 - 1705
  • Martín Pérez de Anda y Salazar 1700 - 1705
  • Don Agustín de Arredonda 1726 - 1731
  • Bartholomé de Aldunate y Rada 1731 - 1732
  • Estevan Simón de Linán y Vera 1734 - 1746
  • Juan José Salcedo 1746 - 1752
  • Francisco Nanclares 1752 - 1757
  • Pedro de La Moneda 1757 - 1760
  • Jacinto San Juan 1760 - 1762
  • José Antonio Gil 1762 - 1766
  • José de Flores 1766 - 1773
  • Juan de Dios Valdez y Vara 1773 - 1776
  • Don Manuel Falques 1776 - 1779 - Military Governor
  • Martín de Salvatierra 1779 - 1784 - Civil Governor
  • Don José María Chacón 1784 - 1797

British Governors | Governor Generals
  • Sir Ralph Abercromby - 18 February 1797 - February 1797
  • Thomas Picton Feb 1797 - Feb 1803 (military governor to 1801)
  • Commission (William Fullarton, Samuel Hood, Thomas Picton) - February 1803 - July 1804
  • Sir Thomas Hislop - July 1804 - 27 September 1811
  • Hector William Munro - 27 September 1811 - 14 June 1813
  • Sir Ralph James Woodford - 14 June 1813 - January 1828
  • J.V. Capadose (acting) - January 1828 - April 1828
  • Charles Felix Smith - April 1828 - 10 March 1829
  • Lewis Grant - 10 March 1829 - 22 April 1833
  • Sir George Hill - 22 April 1833 - 9 March 1839
  • John Alexander Mein (acting) - 9 March 1839 - April 1840
  • Henry George Macleod - April 1840 - 1846
  • George Francis Robert Harris, 3rd Baron Harris - 1846 - 1854
  • L. Bourchier (acting) - 1854
  • Sir Charles Elliot - 10 March 1854 - 1856
  • B. Brooks (acting) - 1856 - 1857
  • Robert William Keate - 26 January 1857 - 1864
  •  ? Thompson (acting) -1864
  • Sir John Henry Thomas Manners-Sutton - 6 September 1864 - 1866
  • E.E. Bushworth (acting) - 1866
  • Sir Arthur Charles Hamilton-Gordon - 7 November 1866 - 1870
  • James Robert Longden - 25 June 1870 - 1874
  • William Wellington Cairns - 2 May 1874 - 1874
  • John Scott Bushe (1st time)(acting) - 1874
  • Henry Turner Irving (1st time) - 20 November 1874 - 1876
  • John Scott Bushe (2nd time)(acting) - 1876 - 1877
  • G.M. Desvoeux (acting) - 1877 - 1878
  • Henry Turner Irving (2nd time) - 1878 - 1880
  • William Rowland Pyne (acting) - 1880
  • William A.G. Young (acting) - 1880
  • Sir Sanford Freeling - 2 November 1880 - 1884
  • John Scott Bushe (3rd time)(acting) - 1884
  • Sir Frederick Palgrave Barlee (acting) - 19 June 1884 - 8 August 1884
  • John Scott Bushe (4th time)(acting) - 1884 - 1885
  • Sir Arthur Elibank Havelock - 24 January 1885 - 1885
  • David Wilson (acting) 1885
  • Sir William Robinson - October 9, 1885-1891
  • Sir Frederick Napier Broome - August 19, 1891-1897
  • Sir Hubert Edward Henry Jerningham - June 2, 1897-December, 1900
  • Sir Cornelius Alfred Moloney - December 4, 1900-August, 1904
  • Sir Henry Moore Jackson - August 30, 1904-August 29, 1908
  • Sir George Ruthven Le Hunte - May 11, 1909-January, 1916
  • Sir John Robert Chancellor - June 1, 1916-1921
  • Sir Samuel Herbert Wilson - January 1, 1922-1924
  • Sir Horace Archer Byatt - November 22, 1924-1930
  • Sir Alfred Claud Hollis - March 22, 1930-1936
  • Sir Arthur George Murchison Fletcher - September 17, 1936-1938
  • Sir Hubert Winthrop Young - July 8, 1938 - 1942
  • Sir Bede Edmund Hugh Clifford - June 8, 1942-1947
  • Sir John Valentine Wistar Shaw - March 7, 1947-1950
  • Sir Hubert Elvin Rance - April 19, 1950-1955
  • Sir Edward Betham Beetham - June 23, 1955-1960
  • Sir Solomon Hochoy - July 4, 1960-August 31, 1962  (Governor-General)
  • Sir Ellis Clarke - 1972 - August 1, 1976 (Governor-General)

Chief Ministers of Trinidad and Tobago (1950 - 1959) 
  • Albert Gomes  1950- 1956 Party of Political Progress Groups
  • Eric Williams 1956- 1959 Peoples National Party

Premier of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Eric Williams - 1959 - 1962 People's National Movement

Prime Ministers of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Eric Williams   - August 31, 1962 - March 29, 1981 PNM
  • George Chambers - March 30, 1981 - December 18, 1986
  • A.N.R. Robinson - December 19, 1986 - December 17, 1991
  • Patrick Manning (1st time) - December 17, 1991 - November 9, 2001
  • Basdeo Panday - November 9, 1995 - December 24, 2001 United National Congress
  • Patrick Manning (2nd, time) December 24, 2001 - May 26, 2010 PNM
  • Kamla Persad-Bissessar - May 26,2010 - UNC/People's Partnership | Incumbent 

List of Presidents 
  • Ellis Clarke - August 1, 1976 - March 13, 1987
  • Michael Williams (Acted) - March 13, 1987 - March 19, 1987
  • Noor Hassanali - March 19, 1987 - March 19, 1997
  • Arthur N. R. Robinson - March 19, 1997 - March 17, 2003
  • George Maxwell Richards - March 17, 2003 | Incumbent
The information listed above was sourced from various articles in Wikipedia. If you notice any errors or information that is missing please leave a comment. This information is provided as a resource for persons seeking information on the information above. 


August 27, 2011

Damion Melville | Carnival Weekend in Boston

Take  a look at the reason afternoons on WACK Radio have been dull this past week. Yes that is Damion and he has been missing in action on the radio - he is in 'Bean Town' for the 2K11 Carnival celebrations! Don't you just hate to see  your friends having so much fun especially when you are not there? Take a look at our very own Damion Melville as he is seen living large, partying and having "ah rollicking, frolicking time" (as JS would say) in Bean Town. 

The photo shown below was 'kidnapped from facebook' and presented here to show that Bean Town can party hard even with Irene bearing down on NYC and heading their way. Well even if the rest of the weekend is washed away we know that Damion and "CB" had a blast with DJ Madman Maddy last night in Boston. I noticed in some of the pictures that Damion did not choose to 'wine 2D side' but instead remained planted on the back side of one lady in red, Ton-Neh!

I read, with interest, some of the comments posted on facebook regarding the wining episodes. However, after close inspection, I got the impression that Dami was having a difficult time planting and wining as he did his t'ing. It all looked like "CB" was dancing like "Ah Social Dora" making it an uneasy 'wine up on meh' scenario. If Sharon wasn't missing in action then we would have received an on the spot recap but I guess we will have to wait for the Brooklyn installment next weekend to get it right!

What will Damion do next? From Curfew wine to Irene Jam?


Curfew in Trinidad and Tobago

It is clear that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago government instituted the State of Emergency to deal with the proliferation of criminal activities and the recent rise in homicides in the country. For too long this malaise that has crippled the society and kept families hidden behind gated homes with burglar proofing has gone on without real action. Well the situation has changed and people are upset. I have stated before that Trinidadians are a bunch of people that 'yuh just cyar please'.

This government will be damned for doing and already we have seen claims of racism with verbal mischief coming from the Port of Spain Mayor who stated that the laws were intended to deal with "black hen chickens". This is clearly a reference to people of African origin as compared to people of East Indian origin. Racism and race politics is still alive and kicking in Trinidad. The PP government is seen as an Indian government as compared to the PNM which is seen as the grassroots party and party of the people of African origin. Nothing much has changed.

In the PNM we have Dr. Amery Brown challenging the Prime Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar "to explain how certain clauses of the state of emergency regulations relate to crime rather than the current industrial climate". The quote comes from an article published in the Guardian online media page and can be read in its entirety here: Amery Brown Challenge! In other words Dr.Brown is stating that the State of Emergency was really called to stop the labor movement from shutting down the country. However, in Newsday we have another scenario that is also interesting to note.

The following quoted passages are from the Trinidad Newsday and here we have a differing view regarding the need for the State of Emergency. Of course it is up to you to  determine is this is all trickery to achieve the their goal (government's plan to rid the country of crime or protect themselves from protesting union members) or if the statements are factual. The quote come from the Newsday article entitled: US Raises Alarm.
"Highly-placed security sources told Newsday the Prime Minister was told large quantities of cocaine were entering this country from Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil and for transhipment to the US. Some of the drugs were also been trafficked locally among gangs.

The Prime Minister was also advised by US intelligence agencies that TT needed to deal swiftly with the illegal trafficking because the country was nearing a crisis as guns were being smuggled into communities to gangs fighting over drug turfs, resulting in persons being killed. There was also concern about the trafficking of drugs to the US. Newsday understands officials from the US Department of Homeland Security. On Wednesday, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan admitted that this country was able to avert a national crisis with the declaration of a state of emergency but he declined to give further details.

He said emergency measures came after the recent seizure of $22 million in cocaine but warned that the operation had deeper implications, and had averted further trafficking of an estimated $100 million in illegal narcotics." 

Whatever you or the rest of the country may think the rationale for the State of Emergency is or was at the time of implementation the fact remains that the people of Trinidad and Tobago have been on a self imposed State of Emergency for many years now. Crime is rampant and something needed to be done to put a stop to the wanton disregard for the rule of law in the country. This State of Emergency, in my view, was long overdue. I grew up in Trinidad when we left our homes open and went to the local grocery store or parlor and a neighbor "would throw an eye" on the house until you return. I did not grow up in the country that most people live in today. Almost every home looks like a prison with wrought iron burglar proofing on every window and door. This is a shame that hard working people have to spend so much money to build their homes then convert them to virtual prisons to protect their family while they sleep.

Those of you who want to bring race politics into the mix must really ask yourselves what you really want for the future of Trinidad and Tobago. Do you want peace or do you want much of the same to continue? Think about it...

Here is a new curfew song for your listening pleasure. If you don't like it let us know but if you do pass the link on to your friends.


August 26, 2011

Headics | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #99
Yuh is ah Trini | Yuh know what is 'Ah Headic'

As a child I remember my parents and grandparents 'wrapping their forrids' (i.e. foreheads) with a piece of cloth (preferably white cotton - cloth diaper would do) and soaking it with limacol or barum. Why? Well it was most likely because they had "ah headic"! 

Now don't tell me you have never experienced the perils of this traditional malaise of the Trini society? This is one of the major causes of absenteeism on the job and the easiest excuse that is used to justify staying at home. Hedics are indeed a Trini peril - a major cause for concern. You guessed it the word 'headic is Triniglish' (Trinidad vernacular English) for headache!

Headics, in the good ole days were treated with a cafenol, panadol or the good ole faithful Wiz tablets. However, most of the older folks would use another remedy. This remedy may sound crazy today but back then was a must. Most people who had their coal pots always had a pot of coffee brewing. Now we are talking about coffee brought home from the estates. This was the real deal and was taken black and sometimes with a little sugar - this was their cure it all remedy.

Today, there are many cures for 'headics'. However, it seems that most of the times the stresses of life lead to most headics. Take some time to relax and relieve yourself of life stresses. This will not only cure your headache but may also lead to better health and a longer life. So take your medication or better yet band your head with a cloth wrap and soak it withe some limacol or bayrum - you may look silly but it just may be the trick for that annoying headic.

Life in Trinidad today could lead to some serious headics with the current State of Emergency, the depraved indifference for life, and the perils of just surviving in today's roller coaster World Economics of mischievous traders. However you decide to deal with today's issues please keep a 'level head' and focus on family and your general well being. Don't get a headic because some politician, some criminal or just the various 'Ministers without portfolios' create situations that simply aggravate your soul. Stay calm and leave the headics for those in authority. In the interim simply live, love and be happy!


August 24, 2011

Jump in the Line | Original melody recorded by Attilla the Hun?

"Jump in the line" aka Shake Senora | original melody done by Raymond "Atilla the Hun" as "Calypso Behind the Wall"!

I recently did a post regarding the song 'Jump in the line' aka Shake Senora that was recently recorded by rapper Armando Christian Pérez aka "Pitbull". In that article I made the case that the original jump in the line was done by Lord Kitchener in 1946. That song went on to become the road march in that year and was subsequently used by Lord Invader for his song entitled Labor Day (Jump in the line).
Well the story just got a little complicated. I found an article written by Piero Scaruffi entitled "A brief summary of Latin-American Popular music". In that article there is a section on Trinidad's Calypso music. The paragraph gives a brief history of calypso in Trinidad but sheds light on the beginnings of the early music with a special reference to Raymond "Atilla the Hun" Quevado.

Here is a clip from the article that piqued my interest:
"Other classics of the early era were Raymond "Attila The Hun" Quevedo's West Indian Federation (1933), Women Will Rule the World (1935) and Calypso Behind The Wall, later covered by Belafonte as Jump In The Line, Frederick "Wilmoth Houdini" Hendricks' War Declaration (1934) and He Had It Coming (1939), covered by Louis Jordan as Stone Cold Dead in the Market (1946), Neville "Growling Tiger" Marcano'sMoney is King (1935), Norman "King Radio" Span's Matilda (1938), Rupert "Lord Invader" Grant's Don't Stop the Carnival (1939) and Rum and Coca Cola (1944), Aldwyn "Lord Kitchener" Roberts' Tie Tongue Mopsy (1946), Irvin Burgie's Day O and Island in the Sun, both covered by Belafonte."

In other words Harry Belafonte sampled the Calypso Behind the Wall for "Jump in the Line as per the following: The melody of Atilla's "Calypso Behind The Wall" was popularized by American singer Harry Belafonte who recorded it as "Jump In The Line."

This composition "Calypso Behind The Wall" was done long before Lord Kitchener's song Jump in the line" was released in 1946 and Mr. Belafonte's release of the song in 1961. This changes everything and the search for an answer to the question continues: Who owns the 'rights' to the song "Jump in the line" aka Shake Senora? It is apparent that the originators of the melody were not recognized or possibly compensated by the person(s) who sampled the song, "Calypso Behind The Wall".

Here is a link to a version of the song "Calypso Behind The Wall" as done by Errol Duke aka "The Growler". This song is part of a Rounder CD of various artists entitled "Fall of Man: Calypsos on the Human Condition 1935-1941".
Listen for similarities to the song Jump in the Line: Song 


How many more must die before we act like Patriots!

"Time to party, come leh we party"... It is time to organize the "Curfew Lime"!  As we all know, Trinidadians will find a reason to party and this current State of Emergency brings about great expectations for a good curfew party. When one thinks about it a party is time to celebrate and have a good time but with so many deaths over the weekend, how in heavens name can we consider talking about a curfew party or simply to joke about it?

People are talking about getting their curfew pass simply to get to their friends home to lime (some say it costs US $10.00 and you can get one at the local police station); yes, it is about bragging rights and they will brave the 'cut-arse' at the hands of the security personnel patrolling the streets just to talk about it at the next 'lime' (hanging out with friends/socializing).  "We eh 'fraid Kamla and that PP government... "So ah bull-pistle or two is nothing to worry about. "They doh like black hen chickens!" Just imagine a mayor making the statement that the PP government is against "black hen chickens". That is a disgrace! Oh, you don't know what it means? Well 'black hen chickens' is a reference to people of African ancestry! So now we have an "Indian Government" in office looking to stifle the goals and aspirations of people of African ancestry - what rubbish!

Most people want something to be done but now that the government has acted decisively it is not the "right thing" for 'John Public'. So my question is this, "how should we solve the problem?" How many more must die before we all say enough! Instead, we have to hear talk on the radio stations that  the Commissioner of Police should be fired.  Trinidadians are the most difficult people to please, bar none. 

On some radio stations just about every Minister without Portfolio is on the air with their 'knowledgeable commentaries'. They all know how to solve the problems causing the sickness that has manifested itself with callous murders and depraved indifference to innocent persons shopping in corner shops (parlours) in broad daylight. They will tell you that they know the culprits bringing in the guns and drugs but "we cyar call names". What a bunch of rubbish. The truth is the bandits know 'who is who' and yes there are corrupted officials throughout the country, including the security services, but no one can or will provide that information.  In a very convincing manner, they will tell you that any child knows who is the 'pusher-man' in the neighborhood; and who are the big boys bringing in the drugs, guns and ammunition. I tell you we have a bunch of hypocrites opening their mouths and braying from their backsides. If the government  does good they (detractors) will find something wrong to attach to it and when something goes bad it is magnified.

I guess the deaths over the weekend (eleven in total) mean nothing because it does not hit home. So what do we do? We joke about it and organize a curfew party! When will we realize that this is about saving our country, it is about nation building and has nothing to do with your political affiliation. If we stop the crime the country wins and we all win. So how many more must die before you shed your political affiliation and become a patriot of Trinidad and Tobago? Watch the music video that comes to you compliments of Google YouTube... The lyrics are meaningful in this time of distress.


August 21, 2011

State of Emergency in Trinidad

Breaking News Out of  Trinidad!

State of Emergency in Trinidad | Curfew is limited to "Hot Spots"

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar addressed the nation tonight and announced a 'limited' state of emergency in the crime infested areas of the country. The State of Emergency goes into effect from 12:00 midnight tonight after the President signs the document making the declaration effective immediately.

This means that the military will now augment the police service and will patrol the crime hot spots with a mandate to seize and arrest persons caught breaking the law. This act by the government will be severely criticized even though it was expected for some time now. The 'limited' State of Emergency will last for 15 days and could be extended after consultation with Cabinet regarding the effectiveness of the 'lockdown'. Accordingly, there will be in place a curfew from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am.

The country is heading in the wrong direction with a spate of killings that are mind boggling. We can only hope that the government and people of the country can put a stop to the mindless killings taking place every day. If they can't then only divine intervention could help Trinidad!

Article Updated: 08/22/2011

The following is a list of  the "hot spots" that fall under the 'Limited State of Emergency':

The City of Port of Spain

St. James East

St. James West


Northern Port of Spain

Belmont East

Belmont North & West

Southern Port of Spain

East Dry River

St. Ann’s River South

St. Ann’s River Central

St. Ann’s River North

Belmont South

The City of San Fernando


Les Efforts East/Cipero

Les Efforts West/La Romain

Marabella East

Marabella South/Vistabella

Marabella West

Mon Repos/Navet


Spring Vale/Paradise

The Borough of Arima


Arima North East

Arima West

Arima Central




The Borough of Chaguanas



Enterprise North

Enterprise South




Munroe Road/Caroni Savannah

The San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation

Maracas Bay/Santa Cruz/La Fillette

Febeau/Bourg Mulatresse

Morvant/Upper Malick

San Juan West/Caledonia

St. Ann’s/Cascade/Mon Repos West

St. Barb’s Chinapoo


Success/Trou Macaque

Aranguez/Warner Village


Petit Bourg/Champ Fleurs/Mt. Lambert

San Juan East

The Diego Martin Regional Corporation


Goodwood/La Puerta


Diamond Vale

Morne Coco/Alyce Glen

Petit Valley/Cocorite

St. Lucien/Cameron Hill

Belle Vue/Bossiere #1

Moka/Bossiere #2

Source for this list:

Things may be bad at this time but since we belong to the land of Calypso let us take a deep breath, relax and listen to Lord Kitchener's song 'Curfew Time'.


August 20, 2011

Pat Bishop | Deceased!

Breaking News From Trinidad!
It has been reported on Wack Radio that musician and artist Pat Bishop died today!

The station did not provide any details regarding the cause of death. The Steelband fraternity will surely miss Miss Bishop; she was a very influential and respected person who had a major impact in a male dominated musical enclave.

Miss Bishop was the musical conductor of the Witco Desperados steel orchestra. She toured extensively with the band and   was at the helm when Despers performed at the prestigious Carnegie Music Hall.  Miss Bishop received the nation's highest award, 'The Trinity Cross". We have lost another outstanding member of our musical community - she will be missed.


August 19, 2011

Friends of Marion Oaks Inc. | Dinner & Dance Event


Friends of Marion Oaks Inc. presents their 3rd Annual TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO'S INDEPENDENCE DINNER | DANCE to be held on August 27th 2011, at the Marion Oaks Community Center 
Address: 294 Marion Oaks lane, Marion Oaks, Ocala- (Central Florida).

Admission $30.00 payable in advance.
Dress code: Semi Formal
Bring your own adult beverage.

For more information you can call: 
LENNUS WARWICK: 352-347-6415, 
CALVIN MCLEA: 352-342-9642,
DORRICK NURSE: 352-307-3634.

This is a worthy cause with 50% of net proceeds going towards our scholarship fund.
For information on upcoming events please logon to our website

Friends of Marion Oaks is a non profit organization serving the needs primarily of Caribbean people in the community.


Forrid | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #98
Yuh is ah Trini | Yuh know what is 'Ah Forrid'

If you are not a Trinidadian and have plans to visit the country soon then it is very important that you are able to understand how Trinidadians speak. This is a case of listening and learning and even if you do everything right you may still need assistance from the natives to help you understand the conversation. Last night (08/16/2011) I heard something on the radio that had me laughing. At the same time I thought about the international listeners and their ability or lack there of to comprehend what the host of the radio show said during his conversation with his counterpart in the studio. This one should 'put a smile on your face and make you raise your eyebrows' for sure!

This Trinididiom should easy but at the same time can be very discomforting for the untrained ear. Last night Mr. Desmond told Lady JS that her 'Forrid' was shining. OK, so let it shine... Do you know what Mr. Desmond was making reference too?

I hoped you paused and thought about it for a second or two or, are you still scratching your head? Now that was a clue and you should have guessed that only in Trinidad and Tobago can the English language get chewed up and spit out and become the norm for everyday discussions. "Forrid"dear friend, is your Forehead! Yes I had to drag it out to get some mileage for this post. You may be laughing at this point or simply threw your hands in the air and gasped.

Well now that you know about Trinis and Forrid you need to move on the the terms used to describe other parts of the body - you will be surprised!


August 18, 2011

Ghee Dem | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #97
Yuh is ah Trini | "Ghee Dem" 

I looked at this Triniglish terminology and immediately thought about 'giving them' because they have a similar sound when coming out of the mouth of a Trinidadian. However, in Trinidad and Tobago words may have different meanings from that which you may know as traditional English. The Trinidad English vernacular is fascinating and this phrase is an interesting one indeed. Let us delve into the mind of Mr. Trini and interpret how he perceives "Ghee Dem".

Of course if 'Yuh is ah Trini' this one should be easily understood,  but for most people who hear this phrase for the first, second or even a third time it could be a very disconcerting situation indeed. So what are we talking about here. Well it could mean one of two things (generally) or as someone may deem significant enough to use the phrase. In  most cases it all has to do with the circumstance that would entice the individual to say "Ghee Dem".

In the first case it is about receiving something from another person. It is in the act of giving something to another person that the term 'gee dem' will apply - "yuh gee dem some really ripe and sweet caimite". Talking about caimite, it has been years since I tasted that delicious fruit. So don't 'geeh dem' simply look for me and 'geeh meh' instead.

The second use of the term 'Ghee Dem' is the one of interest to me. This is the term that I like because it usually leads to serious Kankalang! To "geeh dem" is to verbally assault someone; and you know that is serious trouble but a situation that Trinidadians love to experience.

There is also another use of this term. Let's say that there is a fete and the music is 'slamming' to the point that there are people dancing, dingolaying and even wining on each other. Someone may see their friends having a good time, wining on somebody woman, or simply dancing to the sweet sound of 'Soca Music' and say to their friend.... "Ghee Dem" Pardna!

I guess you have noticed that Trinidadians coin phrases to use as they deem fit or as the 'damn well please'. This is the beauty of being a Trini! We express ourselves using an English Vernacular that is baffling to most outsiders but language that is appropriate and easily understood by the general populace. Maybe you too can coin a term that could one day become part of the local language - give it a try but remember to have a plausible explanation for your Trinididiom


August 17, 2011

Calypso Music | Elan Parle

Everyone is aware that David Michael Rudder is an awesome singer who has written and sung some of the best calypsos ever! This feeling is echoed on many websites on the Internet. had this to say about one of my favorite David Rudder songs and the subject of this post - Calypso Music: "The title track of his 1988 album Calypso Music remains one of the best selling songs in calypso history."
This version by Élan Parlé with Roger George at vocals will surely become a classic; yes this is a collectors item.

We all love David Rudder and his music. However, today I am featuring a version of Calypso Music that I simply love. I first heard the song played by Damion Melville on It took me some time to get the track but I was able to get a link to embed the song from Listen to this jazzed up version of 'Calypso Music' as done by the group "Elan Parle". Their music is sold under the banner of Kaiso-Jazz, World Fusion Music. This version is just awesome - listen and enjoy!

"The album that started it all "Tribal Voices", elan parle's 2000 debut  album. Critically acclaimed featuring the amazing vocals of Roger George singing David Rudder's "Calypso Music". Other hits include "Sambo" and "Jacket"." 

Genres: Other / Kaiso-jazz / World FusionLabel: ParlemusikManagement: Michael Low Chew Tung
Label: Parlemusik
Management: Michael Low Chew Tung
Members: Ming - Composer/Arranger/Keyboardist, Sean Friday - Bass, Richie Joseph - Drums


August 16, 2011

Tobago - A new look at perfume,

The name of the cologne is "Tobago" and it is part of the Yachtman series. The cologne was created in 2010 and  comprises of  a Woody - floral musk scent.  Here is the deal... If anyone knows of this cologne or has used it, please leave your comments to let us know if you think it is a good or great find! Here is the story from the website.

Woody, exotic and spicy, Tobago is one of the fragrances of Yachtsman’s collection. This line is directly inspired by navigation. Each perfume tells the history, the culture of a port-of-call in the world. John Verde’s idea is to pass down his passion for the sea and boating. Tobago is the smaller of the two main islands that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is located in the southern Caribbean Sea, northeast of the island of Trinidad and southeast of Grenada. It is said that Tobago gave the English word tobacco and the fragrance contains indeed a tobacco accord in its base notes. For more information:

The fragrance opens with a sparkling note of tangerine, lemon and frangipani flower. The heart mixes a bouquet of wisteria and rosemary with allspice (Jamaica pepper). The warm and woody dry down blends ginger, oak moss, vetiver and tobacco.

Eau de Parfum 60 ml / 2 oz ; Roll On 5 ml / 0.17 oz.

A simple but elegant bottle adorned with “sailor flags” and the longitude and latitude of Tobago (LAT: 11° 10’ 01’’ N ; LON: 60° 49’ 02’’ W). The bottle is topped with a metal cap.

So what are 'Notes'? Well according to the following applies: "Fragrances are comprised of many different scents, these scents are called "notes."
Top notes are very light and last just a few minutes (5-10 minutes). Middle notes become apparent in about 15 minutes after application. These can last up to an hour or more. Bottom notes are the heavier ingredients. These last the longest, usually for several hours. "

Now here are the notes information for 'Tobago' from
Top note
Tangerine, Lemon, Frangipani
Middle note
Rosemary, Wisteria, Allspice
Base note
Ginger, Oak Moss, Vetiver,Tobacco
The different notes combined for this cologne give me the impression that the fragrance given off by this combination changes as the time progresses until it fades away totally. The three major notes give an indication of the changes that take place with this cologne. Please hit us up if you have used this cologne!


No Wine Rule | Body Wine!

Trini like to wine...Ent! How can there be a 'no wine' rule especially when Kaiso (really good Calypso) and Soca playing? Have you ever been to a 'Trini Style Party' where no wining is taking place? Well I was bemused to read a story on the Triniscene website about a young lady breaking up with her man because he broke the 'no wine rule'. Say what? Soca music and no wine?  Well apparently she set the rule that when they are out for carnival (and not in each other's company) that they each would not wine on anyone else. Well Ton-Nay as John Agitation would remark... Hell no!

You know relationships are always problematic when one person 'sets the rule' that takes away the other persons freedom to dingolay, parlance and wine during fete season. Now don't get me wrong if you are in a relationship then one must respect the other person. But... For carnival season with sweet soca vibes vibrating from weary sound systems, how 'de hell' can this rule apply? Just imagine Flirt by Farmer Nappy is playing and some young lady that you know comes up to you and gives you a sweet body wine,  'jus' so' - Lordy come on are you going to say sorry but 'ah cyar wine back!". Sorry folks but Carnival, Soca and feting all have two things in common.... Sweet Music and Wining!

I just can't imagine a West Indian and especially a Trinidadian agreeing to this 'no wine rule'. Now don't tell me that you can't wine on someone else and still remain faithful to your partner... well can you? Carnival is what it is ... Carnal. A festival of the skin with serious partying as the modus operandi. Now add some 'sours' and the gates of wining shall come to pass. Your relationship with your sweetheart may soon come to pass also...If you get caught and your photo is all over Facebook. That was the case in the article posted on Trinicenter.  I looked at the photo and smiled then remarked, jeeezanages that photo looks like it was some serious body wine taking place oui. It looked like two became one and having said that, I believe that was the reason the relationship ended.

As a Trini I can say that a 'no wine rule' is simply a rule to be broken but just don't get caught so doing. All jokes aside there is wining and then there is 'wining' eh... Trini yuh know what I am talking about. There is the wine where a friend may come over and hug you and give you 'ah lil wine'... No problem with that one but then the wine could get serious and that is where trouble starts. Both persons get into a trance. There is passion and a daze in the eyes of the young lady putting down the 'wuk'; and the guy is in heaven! But doh worry hell coming soon. His eyes are fixed on the woman's hips and even if someone is trying to get his attention he does not hear a t'ing...That is until he gets the second blow from the bull pistle. Need I say more? Well yes; "I love this wine, I want it all the time, please give me anytime... Yuh want the body wine? This is the wine that go make yuh body wine."

Well for those of you contemplating a good wine you may want to listen to Calypsonian Allrounder (75 year old, Anthony Hendrickson) and feel what he feels then do what you want to do. Well I don't want anyone saying this is ole people wining chune and to be honest we need to mash up the wine with the King of wining  Soca, Mr. Machel Montano. So Gyal Wuk up the waiste line... Machel Montano!  Wine yuh wine but  keep in mind that a bullpistle may be marking you!

Allrounder - Body Wine (Soca 2011)


August 15, 2011

Sadist Dread Horse | Skid"Nevely

I am so happy to feature this band here today. The very first time I heard the track "Sadist Dread Horse" it caught me by surprise. DJ Devi played the song on his show the 'Sleep Over' that is featured on Wack Radio ( It was late but the music caught me by surprise! What was I listening too here... Is it Rock, Pan, Calypso? I surprised and in shock - it was a serious basodee moment! I had to call the station to get the name of the track and the band that played it. Damion Melville played the track several times because people were calling to hear the music. Then it was not heard again! What a shame.

I found the name  Skid"Nevely while surfing the net and was able to source some information from the site Reverbnation that I wish to share with you here. The following information was obtained from Reverbnation:
Genres: Rock / Calypso / Pop Punk
Label: None
Managementt: Simon Baptiste of Question Mark Entertainment

Skid"Nevely was formed by Andrew Mc Intosh in 2004, 2 years after migrating from St.Lucia to Trinidad. The original members (which have changed a bit over the years) included Anthony Abraham on drums, Mark Wallace on bass, Shane de Silva on lead guitar and Andrew on steel pan, guitar and vocals.

Four months after their formation and with the support of their manager Karissa Lewes, they went on to win the Anchorage 2004 Pop Music Awards. This opened the doors to many gigs and interviews in the following months, making them a little less tiny on the local scene.

A few months in the studio gave birth to their first album The Boy Who Cried Girl which was launched in 2005 and included the song She's So His which held its own on local radio as a number one song for weeks.
After bidding farewell to Karissa (who migrated), Skid"Nevely found new management in Simon Baptiste and Question Mark Entertainment. With their help, the band has met and worked with foreign producers like Jonathon McHugh, toured L.A and Florida and also put out their first music video for the song K.I.A which topped a Trinidad video countdown down for months

A Lot has changed since the beginning. New members have come and gone and now with the help Shallun Sammy on lead guitar and Anthony Abraham still backing it up on the drums, Andrew and the band now look to the future of Skid which will be filled with new music and the promise of fulfilling the dreams they started with."

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
♫ Please press the play button to listen (small triangle below).
Sadist Dread Horse - Skid"Nevely


August 14, 2011

Old Time Calypso | Lord Kitchener

There was a time when everyone looked forward to the new calypsos released for the upcoming Carnival season. I don't mean the one or two song releases that we have today. There was a time when each Calypsonian released an album with at least ten songs on the 'LP'. Those were the days when wax LP's reigned supreme. It was the time of the Mighty Sparrow and the one and only Lord Kitchener. What happened and 'whey calypso gone'?

Well what happened was party music aka Soca music; now that does not mean to say that the musicians and artists today cannot produce a compilation with ten tracks for sale. It is just not a financially sound decision to do this in our current situation. Long ago people looked forward to the Carnival season and going to the Calypso tents. Today people look forward to band launches, the next big fete and the big name (as in famous and successful) Soca artists with their party music. It feels like no one really cares about traditional calypso anymore. Gone are the days of good music with accompanying lyrics and the sweet sound of brass that was so much a part of every good calypso.

Times have changed and some may say that it is a good thing but in this case it has not been a good situation for traditional calypso. Most people are running to various websites to get the 'ole stuff' because the sound is so sweet. YouTube is a good example of this. Just check the songs posted especially the music of Sparrow, Kitchener and even the music from the early days. These songs have so many air plays daily which point to the fact that people still yearn for 'ole time calypso' - traditional calypso. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love to listen to Machel, Farmer Nappy and the new artists playing their brand of music. I say 'their brand of music' and you may say it is Soca music. However, I beg to differ since all new uptempo music seems to be bundled under the umbrella of Soca music - much of which can be called hybrid music. I am not the only one who thinks that we have strayed a bit too far from real sweet calypso - the way it used to be, the way it should be.... As a matter of fact I think it is best that one of the great ones should have a say in this conversation. I will leave you now to listen to the late and Great Lord Kitchener. He has a message in this song. This is now 'wave yuh rag or flag' music... It is a melodious beat that is meant to be listened to over and over again, year after year- music to dance! Can you say that about the music that you listen to today?  Take a listen. 


August 13, 2011

Red White & Black | Collis Duranty | Unlimited Soul Project

Collis Duranty is a Trinidadian musician whose artistic talent transcends the boundaries of love and heartfelt soul searching done in words and music. He is an extraordinary talent that makes one pay attention and swoon to his lyrics. He is a modern day Griot who has taken the dreams and aspirations of many artists and molded it into a form of poetry in motion. I gravitate to and recommend this 'soul searching and thought provoking music'!

It is a very unique sound coming out of the bowels of Trinidad... It is love music (love of and for people and country); a musical style that can be viewed as love calypso or even a variation of Rapso done with love and passion. He is an unusual talent and his stamp on the music of Trinidad stands out because of the love that vibrates from the belly of the man. Indeed one can perceive a deep passion and love for people and country when your eardrums are immersed in his words and music. He is simply an amazing talent and with his band "The Unlimited Soul Project" together they create music that reaches into your soul. 

He has said that he creates 'World Beat music' and for those who don't know what genre of music that is then consider it a blending of Western culture music with folk music elements - in other words Collis' music is a callaloo of Western and traditional music of Trinidad and Tobago - and it is 'sweet fuh so'!

Here is a clip from his Facebook page:
"I try to represent what some people don’t know how to express,That feeling in your heart and soul when you feel pain or joy, when the mind is weary and you need to find the right words to help you think in the right direction.

I represent the red, white and black; the heart of our people; the conscience side and not so much the conscious. Really, I am a conscience lyrical artiste. I represent humanity, the oneness in all of us, our red blood, love, peace, anger, happiness. I represent freedom, freedom of mind, freedom of speech, freedom of heart. I represent my children, your children and your children's children, they are our future.." - Collis Duranty.

Now sit back and listen to the music that so many are raving about... This is you moment in time to live in poetic musical bliss!

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
♫ Please press the play button to listen (small triangle below).
Collis Duranty The Unlimited Soul Project - Red White & Black


August 12, 2011

SteelPan App for the iPad | Salmon Cupid's E-Pan

Recently there was a controversy surrounding the G-Pan and the Percussive Harmonic Instrument (PHI) pan. However, many may not know or have simply forgotten the E-Pan that was invented by Trinidadian Salmon Cupid. Salmon is at it again with an 'App' that literally puts the instrument in the palm of your hand!

Today, I want all iPad owners to be aware of a very unique 'App' that is available from the Itunes "App Store" - the E-Pan steelpan 'App'. Now you have the ability to play pan on the iPad - not just one pan but a range of pans. Take a look at the embeded YouTube video here then fire up your iPad and get the 'App' from the iTunes Store!


Superstitions | Folklore of Trinidad and Tobago

The Taino Indians (original inhabitants of the islands of the Caribbean), African, East Indian Panyol, Portuguese and a host of other people have added to the folklore of Trinidad and Tobago. We are a very interesting society and one that abounds with superstitious beliefs. Those beliefs were rampant in the early years when lighted streets were only available in the 'well to do" areas but may still exist in the country districts. I have gathered a few for this post; I hope you enjoy reading them.

In Trinidad and Tobago if you get your feet swept, especially with a cocoyea broom,  then your chances of getting married are poor. Then again you may end up with a really ugly spouse who may have you totally whipped!  I always got in the way of my mother when she cleaned the house. I had my feet swept countless times. Did it work? Well it looked like the opposite happened with me. I am sure  it had to do with the corn brooms that we used at home... damn!
This one always had me on edge as a child. If you don’t want Jumbies to follow you home make sure and enter your home walking backwards. I don’t know much about this because I never encountered a Jumbie other that the Moko Jumbies on Carnival day. Do they count? I guess that does not count but I have a very superstitious sister-in-law who really believes in this one... Hmmm?
Umbrellas, you should never open one indoors because my friend standing next to you will be figure that you can’t see but its weight will bog you down. Of course if you did not guess by now a Jumbie will be standing next to you under the umbrella.
Oh yes this one is a classic, one must never pick up money that you find in the road especially copper coins. I remember when I was a kid hearing the story of the girl who got copper pox because she picked up money that had an evil spell cast into it – she died.
Do you remember owning all those pot hounds as a child? Those barking dogs at nights were not howling or barking because you forgot to feed them earlier that night but because they were scared and were seeing things that the human eye could not! Well if your dog barks at night and does not want to stop and you don’t see anything  then it is a guarantee that the dog is seeing a spirit.
Now are you adventurous? If you want to see a spirit then take the crust (yampee) from the dog’s eye and put it in yours then at twelve midnight peep through a key hole and you will see douens and other spirits.
If your left palm is itching (scratching) you then you will get money but if it is the right hand then chances are that you will loose some cash very soon.
If, for no reason, you bite your tongue then someone is talking ill of you.
If a family member dies then it is very important that you cover all the mirrors in the house with a black cloth to avoid seeing them in the mirror. I bet you missed the black bird that was warning you of the impending death warrant that was signed and delivered to your home. That black bird was not hungry for food just a soul whose time was about to expire!
If you have a business and you swept the floors and the dust out the door after 6:00 pm then you committed the unforgivable act of  sweeping all of your money away.
If your second toe is longer than your big toe then you will rule your husband.  Will I guess this is an alternative to the widows peak...

Never complain that a child is heavy because only dead people are 'heavy'. Well that is the way it was back in the day. I did not come up with that... it is the folklore of Trinidad and Tobago. 
The list of superstitious beliefs in Trinidad and Tobago is a very long one indeed. These are just a few of the ones that I can recall. Please check the Folklore category on the right side of this blog for a three part series I did on the Folklore of our beloved country. This list is but a short overview of many tales told to us when we were children. The times were different and we believed them when  sitting and listening next to our brothers and sisters in a room that was lit by a kerosene lamp. Electricity and television brought about change and going outside at nights were not as bad with electrical lights compared to the days of using a pitch-oil lit  flambeau!

I will continue with this list after speaking to my friends and family members in the homeland. So until we meet again … "What dey saw, dey say" in sweet Trinidad and Tobago | Côté ci Côté là!


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