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Trini like to wine...Ent! How can there be a 'no wine' rule especially when Kaiso (really good Calypso) and Soca playing? Have you ever been to a 'Trini Style Party' where no wining is taking place? Well I was bemused to read a story on the Triniscene website about a young lady breaking up with her man because he broke the 'no wine rule'. Say what? Soca music and no wine?  Well apparently she set the rule that when they are out for carnival (and not in each other's company) that they each would not wine on anyone else. Well Ton-Nay as John Agitation would remark... Hell no!

You know relationships are always problematic when one person 'sets the rule' that takes away the other persons freedom to dingolay, parlance and wine during fete season. Now don't get me wrong if you are in a relationship then one must respect the other person. But... For carnival season with sweet soca vibes vibrating from weary sound systems, how 'de hell' can this rule apply? Just imagine Flirt by Farmer Nappy is playing and some young lady that you know comes up to you and gives you a sweet body wine,  'jus' so' - Lordy come on are you going to say sorry but 'ah cyar wine back!". Sorry folks but Carnival, Soca and feting all have two things in common.... Sweet Music and Wining!

I just can't imagine a West Indian and especially a Trinidadian agreeing to this 'no wine rule'. Now don't tell me that you can't wine on someone else and still remain faithful to your partner... well can you? Carnival is what it is ... Carnal. A festival of the skin with serious partying as the modus operandi. Now add some 'sours' and the gates of wining shall come to pass. Your relationship with your sweetheart may soon come to pass also...If you get caught and your photo is all over Facebook. That was the case in the article posted on Trinicenter.  I looked at the photo and smiled then remarked, jeeezanages that photo looks like it was some serious body wine taking place oui. It looked like two became one and having said that, I believe that was the reason the relationship ended.

As a Trini I can say that a 'no wine rule' is simply a rule to be broken but just don't get caught so doing. All jokes aside there is wining and then there is 'wining' eh... Trini yuh know what I am talking about. There is the wine where a friend may come over and hug you and give you 'ah lil wine'... No problem with that one but then the wine could get serious and that is where trouble starts. Both persons get into a trance. There is passion and a daze in the eyes of the young lady putting down the 'wuk'; and the guy is in heaven! But doh worry hell coming soon. His eyes are fixed on the woman's hips and even if someone is trying to get his attention he does not hear a t'ing...That is until he gets the second blow from the bull pistle. Need I say more? Well yes; "I love this wine, I want it all the time, please give me anytime... Yuh want the body wine? This is the wine that go make yuh body wine."

Well for those of you contemplating a good wine you may want to listen to Calypsonian Allrounder (75 year old, Anthony Hendrickson) and feel what he feels then do what you want to do. Well I don't want anyone saying this is ole people wining chune and to be honest we need to mash up the wine with the King of wining  Soca, Mr. Machel Montano. So Gyal Wuk up the waiste line... Machel Montano!  Wine yuh wine but  keep in mind that a bullpistle may be marking you!

Allrounder - Body Wine (Soca 2011)

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