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Bouyon Soca originated on Dominica. It is a fusion music that took aspects of Bouyon, Soca, Zouk, and Cadence-lypso to create what is today known as Bouyon Soca. Bouyon Soca is not popular in the English-speaking Caribbean, where traditional Soca is dominant, but it is slowly making inroads into the traditional Soca music market. 

The question that many have asked and maybe that is the reason you are here is 'who created Bouyon and Bouyon Soca'? It was WCK (Winward Caribbean Kulture) in the eighties that created Bouyon music. Dominica embraced both French and English cultures and from this came the mix of Soca from the English-speaking Caribbean and Zouk plus other local sounds to produce 'Bouyon Soca'. This style spread throughout the French-speaking Caribbean territories (Martinique and Guadeloupe). We have included two YouTube music players featuring WCK music for your listening pleasure and to help the listener get a feel for the music. Points of view will differ and how the genre developed will be told territorially. However, WCK's work is not to be denied. We have also included additional reading material below.

CWorld Music (YouTube)
Created in 1988, The WCK Band (Windward Caribbean Kulture), is from Dominica in the Caribbean basin.

WCK are pioneers of the music Bouyon (Aka jump-up). The group plays a mixture of several music types originating from the Caribbean that will be called later Bouyon, at the end of the 80s.
Bouyon Soca is a fusion genre of bouyon music originating from Dominica and Soca music originating from Trinidad & Tobago and the other English-speaking Caribbean islands. Bouyon Soca typically blends old bouyon music rhythms from the 90s' and Soca music creating a unique style of Soca sound. 

The style of music was made more popular in the Caribbean region by the likes of the producer Dada and artists ASA from Dominica with collaborations from Trinidadian and St. Vincent artists such as Skinny Fabulous, Bunji Garlin, Iwer George, and Machel Montano. Noticeable hits include "Famalay" and Conch Shell. With noticeable Bouyon-flavored rhythms and sounds with the essence of Soca tempo and lyrical attributes

From Revel Unit:
Bouyon - [boo-yon] - Bouyon Soca typically blends old bouyon music rhythms from the 1990s and Soca music creating a unique-sounding genre. Bouyon Soca, sometimes referred to as Jump Up Soca, is a fusion genre that typically blends old bouyon rhythms from the 1990s and Soca music. Bouyon Soca is a term coined by non-Dominican producers and musicians who wish to attribute the current success of bouyon and Soca fusion music to other islands. In its native Dominica, the concept of bouyon Soca is pretty much unheard of. Bouyon is a very specific and original genre and is very much distinguishable from its "colleague" Soca. While there may have been the occasional fusion, bouyon has always maintained a very clear, recognizable, and obviously different style from Soca. 

This style of bouyon music originated in Dominica but is also very popular in Antigua, the Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, and Martinique. Bouyon Soca is a fusion of bouyon, and Soca produced in Caribbean islands outside of Dominica that have an equally strong appreciation for both Soca and bouyon music. Producers from St. Lucia have been experimenting with fusing bouyon and Soca for many years; however, when Saint Lucian artist Ricky T released a song "Pressure Boom" in 2007 which blended the two genres, this hit song helped the fusion to become more popular throughout the English-speaking Caribbean.

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Music/Production Notes:
Mix 1 (CWorld Music)
Artists, Performers: WCK Group
Label: WCK Home Studio - CDCK-96
Released : 1994 to 1998
Language: English, Creole
Country: Dominica
Music type : Bouyon, Soca, Calypso, Kadans, Folk, World

0:00 - Band Wagon Train (1996)
1:53 - Bouyon (1996)
3:49 - Balance Batty (1995)
5:49 - Met Veye (1996)
6:47 - Preg Dan See (1996)
7:50 - Ti-Ling Ti-Ling (1996)
8:55 - Original Hold Dem (1996)
9:52 - Tou Cho Tou Flam (1995)

Mix 2
Mix-Title: WCK Bouyon Classic (Old School 1998-2003)
Mixed by: DjeasyPromoTV
This is a grand mix of Some of the greatest(classic) songs of WCK over the years from 1988 up to 2003.
Track List available at this link: DjeasyPromoTV/WCK Bouyon Soca

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