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Liki Tiki | Kes ft. J Perry | Soca 2022

Blended images via Microsoft Edge browser © Liki Tiki Project   Carnival 2023 is going to be something else for sure! Pent-up emo… Read more

Chaser | Asiia Re 2022

Image via YouTube video © OJO World TT This is new music out of Trinidad and Tobago. Usually, we feature strickly Soca and Calyps… Read more

Afro Soca Project 2022 | Chinese Laundry

Blended Images via Edge Browser © the Afro Soca Project produced by Chinese Laundry. Innovation is the key to keeping Soca musi… Read more

Touch My Soul | Dj Kai Mashup feat Keith Rowley x Machel Montano

Photo via YouTube Music Video © Dj Kai It is the last Friday of April 2022 and we are in a spiritual reflective place today. As s… Read more

Soca Artist Dexter "Blaxx" Stewart dies from Covid-19 Complications

Image via Bing Images; we do not own the copyright to this photo. All rights are reserved for the creator of this image, D'Al… Read more

Dj Private Ryan Presents Post Carnival Relief 2022

Image via YouTube Music Video © Dj Private Ryan. "Almost a carnival' indeed! Dj Private Ryan got that one right and then… Read more

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