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Soca Explosion Part 1 by Selecta Adrian & Addo Addi: Your Ultimate Carnival Cure

Yes, now is the moment to let loose and shake off your Carnival Tabanca. Let's groove and forget about the carnival blues! Ca… Read more

Bad Gyals by Erphaan Alves: A Melodic Journey of Caribbean Rhythms

Are you ready for some Soca vibes? If so, you’ll love the new song “Bad Gyal” by Erphaan Alves, one of the hottest soca artists i… Read more

Soca will uplift you: Can't Take My Joy by Terri Lyons & Dj Private Ryan

Do what you want to me: You still can't take my joy because it comes from within me! Soca music is also a powerful expression… Read more

Soca for Lovers: Far Away by Adam O & Dj Private Ryan

Soca music is the engine that drives Caribbean-styled carnivals around the world. It is known for its fast-paced and energy-drivi… Read more

D Dial: The Timekeeper of Arima

Let me share a fascinating tale about the Arima Dial, a cherished landmark in the heart of the Royal Chartered Borough of Arima, … Read more

Soca Music: Then and Now

Soca music is a vibrant and energetic genre of music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1970s. In the formative years,… Read more

Dial Times: Arima Expatriates

Not another Facebook website! Oh hell yes, another Facebook website, but one that allows you to post relevant information without… Read more

Price Gouging Alert: Kes the Band Tickets for Central Park Show, NYC 2024

The price keeps going UP! When Kees of KES the Band announced that they would be performing at the Summer Stage in New York City … Read more

What Yuh Want by Jo'E | Chutney Soca 2024

The rich societal mix in Trinidad and Tobago brings with it a vibrant music culture. The vibe is not just Calypso, Rapso, Soca, a… Read more

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