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Miami Carnival 2021 | Risky Business

Welcome to Miami Carnival 2021, the fete is on! There was a sigh of relief for many longing for carnival relief, but while Carni… Read more

From Summer to Fall 2021 | Dj StylezMusicMix

Photo © Dj Stylez It is hump day people, but most of all, it is the first day of Autumn here in New York City. Sigh, I can't … Read more

Boss Level Riddim | DJ Ky Production

Picture © Boss Level Production Team This is the newly released Boss Level Riddim produced by DJ Ky; this production features Soc… Read more

Horn Anatomy | It Starts Here

Recently we featured a post with Skinny Fabulous playing the role of the jilted lover, the one who was in pain because Maja Hype … Read more

Rum & Soca | Freddy Rasta | Aruba

No copyright infringement intended; Photo adjusted for post This song was released back in July 2021 out of Aruba. Yes, Soca musi… Read more

Turbulence Riddim | Precision Productions

No copyright infringement intended, the original photo was adjusted for this blogpost The more you want, the more you wish for wi… Read more

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