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Pasyon by Shurwayne Winchester: A Fusion of Soca and Kompa Rhythms

Give love, Feel love, Be love... Shurwayne is on a mission to spread positivity and pure unadulterated love.  Today we debut for … Read more

Trinidad and Tobago Steelpan: Geographical Indicators - GI's

Pan sweet pan and yes, we are talking about the steelpan, the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. The steelpan is a uniqu… Read more

Fantastic Friday in Trinidad: Bring back the International Soca Monarch Competition

What happened to Fantastic Friday in Trinidad and Tobago? Fantastic Friday featured the "Play Whe International Soca Monarch… Read more

2024 Kayak Soca Mega Mixtape: Selector Jason Unleashes Carriacou Soca to the World

We have a boss mixtape that may have gone unnoticed by most Soca music lovers, especially those based in Trindad and Tobago. Whil… Read more

Carnival Lagniappe Trinidad 2024: A Night with the Champs

The carnival is over, but we just can't get enough of Trinidad and Tobago's carnival culture. Now is the time to celebrat… Read more

Spicemas 2024 is coming: Get Ready for a Vibrant Cultural Experience

It is coming, and we want you to be aware and ready for Grenada's August Carnival, better known as Spicemas. Spicemas isn’t j… Read more

The Carnival Is Over: A Reflection on the End of a Season of Joy, 2024

Original Image © Caribbean National Weekly Live, love, and be happy is a code that I aspire to achieve. That code, when one think… Read more

Mical Teja's DNA Triumphs Over Bunji Garlin's Carnival Contract: Roadmarch Winner 2024

Mical Teja, the young and talented singer, songwriter, and producer, has made history by winning the 2024 Roadmarch title with hi… Read more

Energy Killers: Our Pick, Our Favorite Groovy Soca for Carnival 2024

Carnival is over in Trinidad and Tobago, but the music lives on! Everyone had "their favorite song" for the season, and… Read more

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