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Bleeding Heart Soca: How do I say I love you? | Dancing Away by Voice

Images via YouTube Music Video & Microsoft Copilot @Lunapic @Sokah2Soca/Voice. Love hurts. No, love is a beautiful thing. Hmm… Read more

Summertime Soca Mix Tape 2024 by ScottchBonnet

Image from YouTube mixtape © ScottchBonnet. Summertime in New York City is fun, and within the Caribbean communities in the US, i… Read more

Kes the Band: NYC Summer Stage 2024 Begins

Updated Image © Kes the Band New York City 2024, Summer Stage. Tomorrow, June 8, 2024, "De Girls Dem Darling," aka Kees… Read more

Trinidad Sounds: 1950's - 1960's | Big Band, Jazz, Latin and Calypso

Image from SoundCloud - "A Man Called Warwick" @Sokah2Soca. The music and culture of Trinidad and Tobago span decades. … Read more

The Splendor of our National Instrument: Barrel by Mr. Desmond x Sokah2Soca

Summer has arrived, and today we bring some sunshine straight from Trinidad & Tobago. Trinidad & Tobago is known for its … Read more

Fall In Love Again by Rikki Jai: Love Hurts

Image via YouTube music video © Rikki Jai/Rishi Lakhan Here we go with another victim of love. Yes, love hurts, and it does not m… Read more

Cool Down by Imran Nerdy: Everyone deserves some Bouyon in their life

Image via YouTube music video © Imran Nerdy/Vibez Productionz. The Lucian Bacchanal Carnival season is upon us, and in Saint Luci… Read more

Pray by Voice: Song for a lonely soul

Image via YouTube music video © Voice/Mega Mick Sometimes one can feel alone and isolated on an island devoid of answers to one&#… Read more

Soca iCandy 10 by Dj Close Connections: Groovy Soca Nice Eh!

Images via Dj Close Connections SoundCloud Page. I love my culture, and our people are amazing! This music is damn delightful, an… Read more

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