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DJ Aaron 868 Mixes | A Musical Tribute

Image via SoundCloud © DJ Aaron 868 'For the love of the music'... that is what Sokah2Soca is about and our goal is not o… قراءة المزيد

Sounds of Carnival/The Mix Up Vol 52 | DJ Kevin

Image from YouTube Music Video © DJ Kevin   It is Friday and today is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated around the world. Having… قراءة المزيد

Trinidad Carnival Road Experience 2023 | DJ Young Chow

Image from YouTube Music Video © DJ Young Chow   Never ever allow anyone or anything to take your joy away. Live love and be happ… قراءة المزيد

Post Carnival Relief 2023 | DJ Private Ryan

Image via YouTube Music Video © DJ Private Ryan  So, you had a damn good time; it was the best carnival ever! What a way to get o… قراءة المزيد

Hard Fete by Bunji Garlin Wins Road March 2023

Image via bing images/mikeylive © Bunji Garlin/N.M.G Music Yes! I really wanted Bunji to win the Road March title this year, and … قراءة المزيد

Parade of the Bands Trinidad 2023 | Hard Fete or Come Home

Compliments Trinidad & Tobago Television © TTT As you watch the parade of the bands, try and keep count of the plays for the … قراءة المزيد

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