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The first (Official) Panorama Competition in Trinidad and Tobago was held at Queen's Park Savannah on 02/22/1963. This year, 2023, marks sixty years since the inaugural competition. Why did it take so long for organized competitions to happen considering that the steelpan, as a musical instrument, was created in the 1930's? Everything takes time. 

Tamboo bamboo was banned in 1934. From this time the steel drum as a musical instrument gained prominence. The first all-steel band arrived in 1939. It was called Alexander's Ragtime Band. Starting around 1947 the 55-gallon drum was used to make steelpans. The Trinidad All-Steel Pan Percussion Orchestra (TAPSO) was formed in 1951 to perform in Britain. 

TAPSO (Trinidad All-Steel Pan Percussion Orchestra) © mailasail.com
Steelbands (multiple players and instruments) flourished starting in the 1950's paving the way for the first competition in 1963. Sokah2Soca is proud to present this early compilation of the early days of Steelband competition curated and presented via YouTube by PanmanTT87. We look forward to posting the recordings of the next decade all the way to present day!

We always take note of firsts and for this presentation we turn to a note from Glenroy Joseph. This is what he stated (some rewriting done)
As the first T&T Steelband Panorama was held in 1963, the legendary Pan Am North Stars Steel Orchestra made history by winning the championship. Featuring their leader, arranger, pan pioneer Anthony Williams as their captain, here is their arrangement of the Mighty Sparrow's "Dan is The Man In The Van", one of the most famous songs of the 20th century.

YouTube Notes from PanmanTT87:
This is the 1st of several series of Panorama music... In this edition we feature the very first Panorama championship bands of the National Panorama competition Trinidad and Tobago.

  • 00:00 1963 - North Stars - Dan Is The Man - Arr. Anthony Williams
  • 03:50 1964 - North Stars - Mama Dis Is Mas - Arr. Anthony Williams
  • 07:30 1965 - Guiness Cavaliers - Melody Mas - Arr. Bobby Mohammed 
  • 11:20 1966 - Desperadoes - Obeah Wedding - Arr. Beverly Griffith 
  • 14:53 1967 - Cavaliers - Sixty-Seven - Arr. Bobby Mohammed 
  • 21:33 1968 - Harmonites - The Wrecker - Arr. Early Rodney
  • 26:50 1969 - Starlift - Bull - Arr. Ray Holman 

Panorama 1963  

  1. North Stars - Dan is The Man - Arr. Anthony Williams 
  2. Sundowner - Harry and Mama - Arr. Steve Regis
  3. Desperadoes - The Road. - Arr. Beverly Griffith 

Panorama 1964 

  1. North Stars - Mama Dis is Mas - Arr. Anthony Williams
  2. Desperadoes - Mama Dis is Mas - Arr. Beverly Griffith 
  3. Starlift - Bullpistle Gang - Arr. Ray Holman 

Panorama 1965  

  1. Cavaliers - Melody Mas - Arr. Bobby Mohammed
  2. North Stars - Hold On To Your Man - Arr. Anthony Williams
  3. West Side Symphony - Hold On To Your Man - Arr. Herman "Rock" Johnson 

Panorama 1966 

  1. Desperadoes - Obeah Wedding - Arr. Beverly Griffith 
  2. Cavaliers - My Brother Your Sister - Arr. Bobby Mohammed
  3. Highlanders - Obeah Wedding - Arr. Bertie Marshall 

Panorama 1967  

  1. Cavaliers - Sixty-Seven - Arr. Bobby Mohammed 
  2. Desperadoes - Governor Ball - Arr. Beverly Griffith 
  3. Tripoli - No Money No Love - Tommy Crichlow 
Panorama 1968 
  1. Harmonites - The Wrecker - Arr. Early Rodney 
  2. Starlift - Jane - Arr. Ray Holman
  3. Dixieland - Miss Tourist - Arr. Curtis Pierre
Panorama 1969  
  1. Starlift - The Bull - Arr. Ray Holman
  2. Cavaliers - Mas In Brookyln - Arr. Bobby Mohammed
  3. Harmonites - Bongo - Arr. Earl Rodney

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Time Capsule: 1960's
Period: 1963-1969
Genre: Steelband

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Panorama 1960's via YouTube/PanmanTT87

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