David Rudder | D'Music Safe & Sound Episode 7

David Rudder is one of Trinidad and Tobago's most beloved singers. He is an icon who has given us songs that will live on for generations to come. It was back in 1977 that David Michael Rudder joined the iconic Charlie's Roots led by master music producer Pelham Goddard. Charlie's Roots featured two awesome singers in Chris Tambu Herbert and David Rudder. Both singers had careers outside Charlie's Roots but it was Rudder who first took the nation by storm. 

It was 1986 when Rudder stepped out of Charlie's Roots' shadow and won Young Kings, the National Calypso Monarch, and Road March (Bahia Girl) titles. The nation loved it all. They were mesmerized by classic songs like Bahia Girl and The Hammer. David Rudder ruled the music scene and toured Europe and North America along the way. We must mention that Rudder's counterpart Tambu Herbert won the Road March crown in 1988 (This Party is It), 1989 (Free Up) and 1990 with 'We Ain't Going Home'. 

We are so happy to post this presentation of D'Music Safe and Sound here today. We know you will be super pleased with the show but wanted to highlight some of our favorite David tracks. Of course, you are invited to use the comment feature to add your song. We won't post them all but we will provide a YouTube player with additional songs not covered in today's presentation (All Tracks by David Rudder). 
  • Calypso Music
  • The Hammer
  • Bahia Girl
  • Rally Round The West Indies
  • Madness
  • Haiti
  • Bacchanal Lady
  • Engine Room 
  • Song For A Lonely Soul
  • Glow
  • Panama
  • One More, Officer
  • The Ganges And the Nile
  • There Is a Land
  • Basement Party
Take some time to add your songs to the list. David has given us so much and if you love them all then, by all means, make mention of the songs that take you back to the legend of David Michael Rudder. We hope you share this post with your peers. 

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Concert Series: D'Music Safe and Sound
Artist: David Michael Rudder

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Can't get enough of David Michael Rudder? Well, here is your opportunity to continue on that musical journey, 127 songs!

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