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The End of a Career/D'Music Safe and Sound | David Rudder

Image from D'Music  Safe and Sound Episode 7 Whatever you are doing now make sure that you have something to drink before you… Read more

D'Music Safe & Sound #4: Christo, Hey Choppi, Mical Teja, Viking Ding Dong

Image © Digicel Safe & Sound Music Series. The Digicel 'Safe & Sound' music series is an excellent music feature … Read more

Nadia Batson | D'Music Safe & Sound

We continue with our acoustic music presentations showing off the talent of our Soca music artists. Today, we feature the very ta… Read more

David Rudder | D'Music Safe & Sound Episode 7

David Rudder is one of Trinidad and Tobago's most beloved singers. He is an icon who has given us songs that will live on fo… Read more

Voice | D'Music Safe & Sound Episode 6

Underrated? You would be a fool to join that camp! Unappreciated? Ha, only the uninitiated would go down that path! D'Music S… Read more

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