Top 25 Patriotic Calypsos | Trinidad & Tobago 1962 - 2012

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago have much to be thankful for because we are a blessed nation. Even though some of us can't grasp the concept. Our culture is amazing and our Calypsonians have written so many wonderful songs capturing the beauty of our twin island republic. Indeed, we can repeat the following: We have so much to be thankful for...

We located an article in the Trinidad Guardian newspaper that is worth sharing. Of course, much has changed since the article was published and you may see things differently. If that is the case then please leave a comment.

Songs praising the nation is the focus of this article and today's post will have you scouring the Internet to 'get a taste of each song'. The following are some of the most popular/thought provoking songs penned and sung by our very talented citizens. They took time to pay tribute to our beautiful islands.

Everyone will have their favorite song, composer and/or singer, but the following list provides a wonderful variety to choose from. Of course, David Michael Rudder stands out as one of our most outstanding singers who has penned many patriotic songs. However, one of my favorite songs is one sang by Carl Jacobs and Roger George - Sugar Island! The song, Sugar Island, has been attached to this post for your listening pleasure.

Here is your opportunity to leave some feedback regarding your favorite patriotic song. This can be done via the comment feature linked to this post. Now take a look at the listing (from the Trinidad Guardian newspaper) and leave 'some thoughtful insights' regarding your choice as a favorite patriotic song.

Let's take our culture places:
Our goal is to help promote the music and culture of our Caribbean artists. The singers, musicians, producers, songwriters, and all those involved in the creative process. Together we can promote and spread the culture by sharing these posts on all Social media platforms. Thank you in advance. 

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  • Trini – Benjai
  • Nah Leavin’ – Denyse Plummer
  • Trinidad – Naya George
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Lord Brynner
  • We Can Make It – Black Stalin
  • I Thank Thee – Calypso Rose
  • Still de Best – Cro Cro
  • Rhythm of a People – Gypsy
  • Sweet T&T – Natasha Wilson
  • I Love My Country – Machel Montano
  • God Bless Our Nation – Lord Baker
  • Portrait of Trinidad – Mighty Sniper
  • Model Nation – Mighty Sparrow
  • Sailing – De Mighty Trini
  • Ten Thousand Flowers Bloom (We think this is "Dedication") – David Rudder
  • Ganges & The Nile – David Rudder
  • Back to My Island (We think this is "Song For A Lonely Soul") – David Rudder
  • Trini to the Bone – David Rudder, feat Carl Jacob
  • Sugar Island – Carl Jacob, feat David Rudder
  • Sweet Sweet Trinidad – Lord Funny
  • Let Us Build a Nation Together – Merchant
  • Jahaji Bhai – Brother Marvin
  • Bear with me – Chucky
  • Our National Watchword – Michelle Henry
  • Give. I Will Reciprocate – Karen Eccles

We scoured YouTube to bring you the songs listed above but came up short. We will attempt to get a better playlist done by one of your favorite DJ's out of Trinidad. Until then, enjoy the songs we managed to add to our playlist. Please note that two songs by David Rudder may have incorrect names. We added what we think are the correct song names in italics. Share your thoughts with us. The songs on the playlist reflect the names in italics. 

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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