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Image via YouTube Documentary "A Brief History Lucian Kuduro"
Dennery Segment aka Lucian Kuduro is another incarnation of Soca music. We acquired information on the subject from the website RYM (Rate Your Music) and also a mini-documentary on the subject with narration from  Dylan Norbert Inglis & Sain Justin.

From RYM:
Dennery segment is a style of Soca music developed in Saint Lucia in the early 2010s. It emerged from Kuduro music, incorporating Zouk influence and Lucian drums alongside suggestive lyrics usually sung in Kwéyòl (Saint Lucian Creole). Originally known as Lucian kuduro, it was changed to Dennery segment to reference the town Dennery where the genre began.

Originally just singing over existing kuduro beats, artists began to build their own rhythms from scratch and that's what created the foundation of the genre. Dennery segment beats have a simple build, and aggressive drums, and are always above 140 BPM. The style is also different from other soca because it is less melodic and more repetitive, usually only having one lead instrument that carries the entire beat.

In the late 2010s, Dennery segment artists such as Freezy, Mighty, and Motto incorporated more English into their lyrics and that led to a boom in popularity throughout the Caribbean and raised the genre's international profile. Artists in this first wave from Saint Lucia began collaborating with artists from off the island, and they played at festivals throughout the Caribbean.


The following Mini Documentary "What is Lucian Dennery Segment Music (Lucian Kuduro) is told by Dylan Norbert Inglis & Sain Justin.

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