Top 25 Soca Hits of the Century

This will certainly create some contentious discussion regarding the worth and place of the songs selected as the top 25 Soca Hits of the Century. Surely, people will have a difference of opinions. However, consider this a starting point; we encourage constructive criticisms. 

So now that we got that out of the way, we have updated the post with a YouTube listing of the songs on the playlist. We also updated the list with the names of the lead vocalists (along with stage names) that were not in the original post. Take your time, listen to the songs, talk to your peers, after which, we encourage you to share your thoughts about the songs using the comment feature of this post.  

We encourage you to use the comment feature of this posting to share your thoughts about the list and to add songs that you think deserve to be listed below. Your selections may be based on record sales, based on lyrical content and its place in the development of the music genre and/or country, or simply because you think it is deserving. 

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Top 25 Soca Hits of the Century from 

We look forward to your input. 
  1. Sugar Bum Bum - Aldwyn Roberts aka Lord Kitchener 1978
  2. Meh Lover - Robert Nelson aka Lord Nelson 1983
  3. Tiny Winey - Byron Lee 1984/5; vocals by Justin “Hero” Cassell brother of Arrow
  4. Hot Hot Hot - Alphonsus Celestine Edmund Cassell aka Arrow 1983/4
  5. Sweet Soca Man - Timothy Watkins Jr. aka Baron 1990
  6. Get Something and Wave - Austin Lyons aka Superblue 1991
  7. Na Na Na - Second Imij; Rap - Hilton Dalzell Jr.; Lead vocals: Russell Cadogan
  8. Dollar Wine - Colin Lucas 1991
  9. Teaser - Alston Becket Cyrus aka Becket 1990/1
  10. Moving - Nigel Lewis 1996
  11. Soca Baptist - Austin Lyons aka Blueboy 1980
  12. Judit - Irwin Reyes Johnson aka Scrunter 1985
  13. Shaking it - Shandileer 1989; Vocals by Ronnie McIntosh
  14. Gimme the Ting - Aldwyn Roberts aka Lord Kitchener 1984
  15. Dingolay - Winston Bailey aka Shadow 1994
  16. I Don't Mind - Winston Soso 1986
  17. Paul - Edwin Ayoung aka Crazy 1993
  18. Golo - Second Imij; Lead vocals: Russell Cadogan
  19. Parkway Rock - Yafeu Osei aka Rootsman 1986
  20. Miami Vibes - Yafeu Osei aka Rootsman 1987
  21. Subway Jam - Rupert Philo aka Swallow 1981/2
  22. Jump (On the Count of Four) - Second Imij 1992; Lead vocals: Russell Cadogan
  23. If Ah Rude Ah Rude - Devon George
  24. Black Man Come to Party/Ah Feel To Party - Leroy Calliste aka Black Stalin 1991
  25. Nani Wine - Edwin Ayoung aka Crazy 1989
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Anonymous said…
This list is bogus. There is no way that sugar bum bum is more popular than Hot Hot Hot or Tiny Winy. Do you know how many different languages that Hot Hot Hot has been recorded in? Not to mention it’s 1 million in sales. 😳