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Major Damage by Lyrikal x David Rudder | Soca 2024

Another major contribution to Trinidad and Tobago's carnival in 2024. The land of Calypso and Soca, and now, for Soca music, … Read more

The End of a Career/D'Music Safe and Sound | David Rudder

Image from D'Music  Safe and Sound Episode 7 Whatever you are doing now make sure that you have something to drink before you… Read more

Soucouyant by Dj Private Ryan x GBM Nutron ft. David Rudder & Paul Keens Douglas | 2023

Image via Bing/YouTube Music Video © Soucouyant Music Production/Dj Private Ryan If this song does not remind you of the good ole… Read more

Live Yuh Life (Like Yuh Playing Mas) by Kes feat. David Rudder

Blended Abstract and Photo Images via Bing Images. Photo Image © Kes The Band. Unity is the message that the writers of this son… Read more

Song For A Lonely Soul by David Rudder

Blended Abstract &  Photo Images via Bing Images; Photo © King David Rudder.   No one writes a song like David Rudder, no on… Read more

David Rudder | D'Music Safe & Sound Episode 7

David Rudder is one of Trinidad and Tobago's most beloved singers. He is an icon who has given us songs that will live on fo… Read more

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