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Point Fortin Borough Day Celebrations 2023 Calendar of Events

Schedule of events for the Month of April   The Point Fortin Borough Day Celebration is back, and it is worth celebrating! Follow… Read more

Sokah2Soca | Independent Articles & Pages

Our Independent Reading Pages (not daily posts) on Soca, Calypso, and Culture. Sokah2Soca is about the music and culture of Trini… Read more

The Mighty Sparrow is in a Coma in a NY Hospital

Surely, this cannot be the last Ramajay of the great one, the man fondly known as 'The Birdie' aka 'The Mighty Sparr… Read more

Trinis of Vincy Roots vs. Trinis of Grenadian Roots | Only Part of the Story!

On the website there is a thread entitled "Trinis of Vincy Roots vs. Trinis of Grenadian Root". Now on… Read more

Soucouyant Sighting in Paramin | Undeniable or just Folklore?

Photo from the site Anatolia's finest If you ever wanted to know about the existence of the fabled Soucouyant (the one that … Read more

Flour Bag (Sack) Blagging | Santiwah & Gumbo Lai Lai

Flour Sack Dan Dan | Yuh  Is Ah Trini #116 There was a time when chatting in the WACK Radio Chat Box was a pleasure. We woul… Read more

Cecil Hume/Maestro | Ras Shorty I | Music Collaboration

Earlier today, I listened to an interview on WACK radio that celebrated the life and music of the late and great singer Cecil Hu… Read more

25 Top Patriotic Calypsos, Trinidad & Tobago | 1962-2012

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago have much to be thankful for... we are a blessed nation even though some of us can'… Read more

Happy 50Th Anniversary of Independence Trinbago!

Happy Independence Trinidad and Tobago! Today we celebrate 50 years as an Independent nation. Early this morning, midnight to be… Read more

Tassa As Second National Instrument of Trinidad & Tobago?

The Tassa Association of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) wants the government of Trinidad and Tobago to make the Tassa drum the sec… Read more

Saturday August 25 Events Calender | Trinidad 2012

If you are in the home land and don't have any plans for tomorrow well take a look at the list of events taking place. I hav… Read more

A Song For The WACK Radio Hosts | Make You Smile

This post is dedicated to the radio show hosts of WACK Radio broadcasting out of San Fernando Trinidad. "We Ar… Read more

Trinidad's Carnival is Over but De Lime Jus' Start

If you are a visitor to Trinidad and you are wondering what is next, now that the Carnival is over don't fret. You don't… Read more

3 Colors | It Is All About National Pride Today!

Today is the day that we revel in our creative brilliance. We celebrate our universal appeal with many colors as we parade on the… Read more

"Trini Coconut Massive" | A Cut Above the Rest!

I saw this YouTube video posted by my friend Stephanie Semper on Facebook and thought that it was worth posting here. We have see… Read more

Doubles aka Barra & Channa with Chutney & Pepper Sauce

Photo via  Trinidad Traditional & Street Food | Trinidad Travel & Tourism ( It has been said that Trinid… Read more

Cure homesickness this weekend | Carnival in Brooklyn

If you are a born and bred Trini and living overseas (especially those of us in North America) then homesickness is a disease tha… Read more

No Wine Rule | Body Wine!

Trini like to wine...Ent! How can there be a 'no wine' rule especially when Kaiso (really good Calypso) and Soca playing?… Read more

Emancipation Day | Black Identity!

"On August 1, 1985, Trinidad and Tobago became the first country in the world to declare a national holiday to commemorate t… Read more

Moko Jumbie

This Youtube video clip of the Lord Kitchener's Moko Jumbies uses a photo taken from the published book "The Dancing S… Read more

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