Emancipation Day | Black Identity!

"On August 1, 1985, Trinidad and Tobago became the first country in the world to declare a national holiday to commemorate the abolition of slavery."

Today people of African ancestry celebrate Emancipation Day. This holiday was first declared by the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. On this day one will see African robes on display and an awareness of being African reach its zenith. However, and this is a sad comment, come tomorrow the majority of people who celebrated this holiday will go back to the way things were prior to the holiday. 

Today they are Africans (in spirit) and will celebrate with a passion however, tomorrow they will once again want to be called Trinidadian and not African as is the case of  the person of East Indian ancestry who is called Indian or the person of Chinese ancestry is called Chiney (Chinese). It is time to look inward (truly emancipate our minds) and live what we preach on this very memorable day! Remember that we will always be Trinidadian because of our birth place but our genetics make us African, Indian, Chinese or European. 

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