Cure homesickness this weekend | Carnival in Brooklyn

If you are a born and bred Trini and living overseas (especially those of us in North America) then homesickness is a disease that rages on throughout the year. If you say that 'yuh overs dat' then you are a liar and was never "Trini 2D Bone". So how did you or do you deal with your homesickness? If you are unable to return home (for whatever reason) what are your options? Well my friends since the 1920's West Indians living in New York City have had their carnival parties in private spaces followed by the first street parade in Harlem. In the 1940's a Trinidadian named Jesse Waddle obtained the first permit to parade on the streets of Harlem giving birth to the first West Indian Carnival (on the streets) in New York that went on to become the World famous Labor Day Carnival in Brooklyn. Yes you can chase away some of that home sickness this weekend with several Trinidad style festivities that culminate on D'Parkway on Labor Day.

The parades in Harlem continued from the 1940's to the last celebration on 7th Avenue in Harlem in 1964. The permit to parade was revokes because of what is quoted as a 'disturbance". In 1969 another Trinidadian Carlos Lezama was granted a permit to parade on Eastern Parkway. This was the beginings of this World Famous Parade that will take place this weekend. This was the start of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA). Today the organization is chaired by Mr. Lezema's neice Yolanda Lezam-Clark. 

Now if you are a true Trini you would take advantage of this opportunity to soak up some of the homeland culture with the likes of Machel Montano, Kes and his band performing in the Big Apple. Of course the Brass Fest (09/02/11) and Steelpan competition (09/02/11) are tempting along with the Carnival Sunday night Dimanche Gras. Of course there is Jouvert on the Parkway followed by the traditional Parade of the Bands. There are enough activities to wash away your homesick blues and put back some life in those sad and sorry brain cells.

Now if you a WACK fan then you have the option of coming to the WACK Radio 901 fm Meet and Greet gathering at Frankie's Hideway. This is always a fun activity where people who chat daily in the Wack "shout box" get an opportunity to meet and talk face to face. This is one very interesting event because you are sure to be surprised by the real personality you will encounter. Case in point - "Babash". Last year I was struck by the fact that the man was such a big Teddy Bear! Talk about big mouth in the box and in person a gentleman and very likable personality. So come and "Meet and Greet" your friends or that person who just drives you nuts daily. Come and wash off the dust, the cobweb and bring back some real Trini 2D Bone feelings. Do what those at home can't do... Come and lime after the curfew hour has past!

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