"Trini Coconut Massive" | A Cut Above the Rest!

I saw this YouTube video posted by my friend Stephanie Semper on Facebook and thought that it was worth posting here. We have seen these guys do this at home (Trinidad) so many times that we have taken it for granted. However, a side by side or in this case a video comparison sheds some light on how efficient Trinidad Coconut vendors are when it comes to opening coconuts.

I will not get carried away with this video because there are coconuts and then there are coconuts. The one that the gentleman from Hawaii opened in a very mature coconut and is much tougher than the one used in the Trinidad video. However, either way you cut it (did I intend to use this pun? Go figure...smile.), the final cut was impressive. 

This is a 'Trini win' hands down... and, yes it is a cut above the rest. Now hand out the Gold medal. 

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