Damion Melville | Carnival Weekend in Boston

Take  a look at the reason afternoons on WACK Radio have been dull this past week. Yes that is Damion and he has been missing in action on the radio - he is in 'Bean Town' for the 2K11 Carnival celebrations! Don't you just hate to see  your friends having so much fun especially when you are not there? Take a look at our very own Damion Melville as he is seen living large, partying and having "ah rollicking, frolicking time" (as JS would say) in Bean Town. 

The photo shown below was 'kidnapped from facebook' and presented here to show that Bean Town can party hard even with Irene bearing down on NYC and heading their way. Well even if the rest of the weekend is washed away we know that Damion and "CB" had a blast with DJ Madman Maddy last night in Boston. I noticed in some of the pictures that Damion did not choose to 'wine 2D side' but instead remained planted on the back side of one lady in red, Ton-Neh!

I read, with interest, some of the comments posted on facebook regarding the wining episodes. However, after close inspection, I got the impression that Dami was having a difficult time planting and wining as he did his t'ing. It all looked like "CB" was dancing like "Ah Social Dora" making it an uneasy 'wine up on meh' scenario. If Sharon wasn't missing in action then we would have received an on the spot recap but I guess we will have to wait for the Brooklyn installment next weekend to get it right!

What will Damion do next? From Curfew wine to Irene Jam?


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Roxy Singh said…
lol... my goodness.... Damion have NO behaviour whatsoever... lol
CB said…
Not at all was this a Social Dora event.. It was pure WOTLESSNESS. It had wedding and all on the BLUE BOAT, nuff fun was had we. All who ready tuh do it again.... SP and GAILEY allyuh eh e z nah.