Old Time Calypso | Lord Kitchener

There was a time when everyone looked forward to the new calypsos released for the upcoming Carnival season. I don't mean the one or two song releases that we have today. There was a time when each Calypsonian released an album with at least ten songs on the 'LP'. Those were the days when wax LP's reigned supreme. It was the time of the Mighty Sparrow and the one and only Lord Kitchener. What happened and 'whey calypso gone'?

Well what happened was party music aka Soca music; now that does not mean to say that the musicians and artists today cannot produce a compilation with ten tracks for sale. It is just not a financially sound decision to do this in our current situation. Long ago people looked forward to the Carnival season and going to the Calypso tents. Today people look forward to band launches, the next big fete and the big name (as in famous and successful) Soca artists with their party music. It feels like no one really cares about traditional calypso anymore. Gone are the days of good music with accompanying lyrics and the sweet sound of brass that was so much a part of every good calypso.

Times have changed and some may say that it is a good thing but in this case it has not been a good situation for traditional calypso. Most people are running to various websites to get the 'ole stuff' because the sound is so sweet. YouTube is a good example of this. Just check the songs posted especially the music of Sparrow, Kitchener and even the music from the early days. These songs have so many air plays daily which point to the fact that people still yearn for 'ole time calypso' - traditional calypso. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love to listen to Machel, Farmer Nappy and the new artists playing their brand of music. I say 'their brand of music' and you may say it is Soca music. However, I beg to differ since all new uptempo music seems to be bundled under the umbrella of Soca music - much of which can be called hybrid music. I am not the only one who thinks that we have strayed a bit too far from real sweet calypso - the way it used to be, the way it should be.... As a matter of fact I think it is best that one of the great ones should have a say in this conversation. I will leave you now to listen to the late and Great Lord Kitchener. He has a message in this song. This is now 'wave yuh rag or flag' music... It is a melodious beat that is meant to be listened to over and over again, year after year- music to dance! Can you say that about the music that you listen to today?  Take a listen. 


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Man it never gets old!