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Collis Duranty is a Trinidadian musician whose artistic talent transcends the boundaries of love and heartfelt soul searching done in words and music. He is an extraordinary talent that makes one pay attention and swoon to his lyrics. He is a modern day Griot who has taken the dreams and aspirations of many artists and molded it into a form of poetry in motion. I gravitate to and recommend this 'soul searching and thought provoking music'!

It is a very unique sound coming out of the bowels of Trinidad... It is love music (love of and for people and country); a musical style that can be viewed as love calypso or even a variation of Rapso done with love and passion. He is an unusual talent and his stamp on the music of Trinidad stands out because of the love that vibrates from the belly of the man. Indeed one can perceive a deep passion and love for people and country when your eardrums are immersed in his words and music. He is simply an amazing talent and with his band "The Unlimited Soul Project" together they create music that reaches into your soul. 

He has said that he creates 'World Beat music' and for those who don't know what genre of music that is then consider it a blending of Western culture music with folk music elements - in other words Collis' music is a callaloo of Western and traditional music of Trinidad and Tobago - and it is 'sweet fuh so'!

Here is a clip from his Facebook page:
"I try to represent what some people don’t know how to express,That feeling in your heart and soul when you feel pain or joy, when the mind is weary and you need to find the right words to help you think in the right direction.

I represent the red, white and black; the heart of our people; the conscience side and not so much the conscious. Really, I am a conscience lyrical artiste. I represent humanity, the oneness in all of us, our red blood, love, peace, anger, happiness. I represent freedom, freedom of mind, freedom of speech, freedom of heart. I represent my children, your children and your children's children, they are our future.." - Collis Duranty.

Now sit back and listen to the music that so many are raving about... This is you moment in time to live in poetic musical bliss!

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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Collis Duranty The Unlimited Soul Project - Red White & Black

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