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I don't know if I should be surprised, but isn't this an interesting turn of events? Some would throw their hands in the air, exasperated, and say that they simply did not want to accept the fact that the PNM was right and that we do need the offshore patrol vessels! However, the news release is interesting. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago is seeking respondents to provide information regarding the acquisition of Patrol vessels "of proven design for the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (Coast Guard)". I guess the previous requisition/purchase by the PNM administration left a bad impression with this present administration (Peoples Partnership). Those vessels, built by BAE Systems, are on hold because of a 'breach of contract' as seen through the eyes of the Government lawyers. We have not heard the last of this... 

It appears that this administration wants to come forward with what they consider to be a better deal for the country. It should be an interesting series of debates in Parliament once the approval for funding comes up for debate. We are living in interesting times!

Here is the official news release from the Ministry of National Security.



The Government of the Republic Trinidad and Tobago is interested in acquiring Patrol Vessels of proven
design for the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (Coast Guard).  The Patrol Vessels are intended for operations in the territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone around Trinidad and Tobago and for regional
operations in the Southern Caribbean.  These operations would include Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement and Humanitarian operations based on Government’s Directives, Agreements and Treaties with neighbouring

The desired vessels should be cost-effective multi-mission platforms for use in the tropics, with long-range command and control capability, and built to a recognized Classification Society standard.

The Request for Information is available in hard copy from the Procurement Unit of the Ministry of National Security, and at the following website:

Respondents are asked to submit their information not later than 4:00pm on 16th September 2011.

Commodore Anthony Franklin (Ret.)

Committee for the Acquisition of Naval Vessels

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