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The Great African Scandal

Today I am taking a break from the music to post this video. The video has been around for some time now  but needs to be seen a… Read more

Rowley The Man | Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago

This video provides an insight into the man who is now the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. If you wanted to get to know m… Read more

Happy Independence Day 2016 | Trinidad & Tobago

Happy Independence to every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago where ever you may now reside in the World. Today marks the 53rd  ann… Read more

Road Block Lime | Trinidad & Tobago 2015

Photo credits to the Trinidad Express Newspaper: Traffic Jam Outrage 03/23/2015 Trinidadians can complain a lot but then ag… Read more

Boxing Day | Trinidad and Tobago 2014

It is December 26, 2014 and a very good day in Trinidad and Tobago... it is a holiday and the people are waking up knowing that … Read more

Are Soca Artists Selling Out For Fame? | Soca On The Move 2015

Are Soca Artists Selling Out For Fame? The EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Trend. Are Artists Doomed To Failure? Read the original… Read more

Trinidad & Tobago Honors Sparrow and Minshall | 2014

Sometimes you will be damned for your actions regardless if it is good, bad or indifferent; this may be the case with decisions … Read more

Precision Production Global Music Distribution & Marketing | Precision Digital

I was a little concerned that I have not heard any new music from Precision Productions out of Trinidad and Tobago. I have bee… Read more

Soul Train Awards Show 2013 | Machel & Bunji Nominated

The Soul Train Awards Show is in the air again and this time two of Trinidad and Tobago's artists have been nominated in the… Read more

Sparrow rules Trinidad Tunes | Top songs of the week

Take a look at the songs in the list below; you will notice that songs one two and three are by current artists/stars but from s… Read more

Sparrow is ALIVE contrary to Internet rumors of his demise

Today numerous reports of Sparrow's demise were spreading on the Internet. I too saw a report on islandmix stating that &quo… Read more

The Mighty Sparrow is in a Coma in a NY Hospital

Surely, this cannot be the last Ramajay of the great one, the man fondly known as 'The Birdie' aka 'The Mighty Sparr… Read more

Saturday August 25 Events Calender | Trinidad 2012

If you are in the home land and don't have any plans for tomorrow well take a look at the list of events taking place. I hav… Read more

Cheryl Miller Travesty | Heads should roll at that Ministry!

Dammit, what the hell is going on in Trinidad? This Cheryl Miller travesty has to be addressed quickly and people need to be fire… Read more

"The Curfew Is Over" | State of Emergency remains!

Last night Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar announced to the nation that  the curfew provisions associated with the current … Read more

Curfew hours pushed back in 'TrinBago' | 11 PM To 4 AM

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago with a majority vote of 28 to 10 decided to extend the current State of Emergency until th… Read more

1962 to Curfew | Independence Day in Trinidad and Tobago

Reflections: Just some random thoughts this morning as the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago remembers August 31, 1962 - Independen… Read more

Granny Quilla begs for forgiveness | AG not sympathetic

Cartoon image © Buckeye OnPACE. Who is 'Granny Quilla'? Well, that is the sobriquet used by the teenage girl (14 years ol… Read more

Acquisition of Patrol Vessels | Trinidad and Tobago

I don't know if I should be surprised, but isn't this an interesting turn of events? Some would throw their hands in the … Read more

Curfew in Trinidad and Tobago

It is clear that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago government instituted the State of Emergency to deal with the proliferatio… Read more

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