Sparrow rules Trinidad Tunes | Top songs of the week

Take a look at the songs in the list below; you will notice that songs one two and three are by current artists/stars but from song number 4 to number 10 the Mighty Sparrow controls every spot! Now what does this say about us? Sparrow was and still is in the news because of illness. We all know that his family circle has asked for privacy while the Mighty Sparrow recuperates in the hospital. Is this the reason that the music of Sparrow is controlling the top ten selling songs of the week or is it that people thought that this was the birdie's final song and rushed to get his music?

Well, regardless of the reason or reasons for the resurgence, we should not wait for bad/unfortunate event to happen/befall our heroes to keep them current and even worthy of praise. The music of the Mighty Sparrow will live on forever and everyone should have his music in their home. If you love Calypso and Soca then you should get some of the music from this man's fantastic music catalog. 

Top Songs of the Week according to Trinidad Tunes (

01. Monster Winer
      Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick

02. Bruck It 
      Machel Montano HD

03. Wild Out 
       Lil Rick

04. He Saved Me
      The Mighty Sparrow

05. Temptation Of Christ 
      The Mighty Sparrow

06. Isaac & Ishmael
      The Mighty Sparrow

07. Wisdom Of Christ
      The Mighty Sparrow

08. Salvation (Bonus)
      The Mighty Sparrow

09. Tell St. Peter I'll Be There  
      The Mighty Sparrow

10. I Used To Be A Sinner
      The Mighty Sparrow

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