Road Block Lime | Trinidad & Tobago 2015

Photo credits to the Trinidad Express Newspaper: Traffic Jam Outrage 03/23/2015

Trinidadians can complain a lot but then again they can use those complaints and spin it into a good lime. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Well for most Trinidadians that is old news. We are accustomed to Liming (hanging out) for just about anything possible. Police activities today resulted in what has now been creatively called "Road Block Limes". 

If you were tuned in to the radio stations in Trinidad today the talk on every station was focused on the severe traffic congestion caused by the action taken by the police to institute a 'day of policing'. One may ask what the hell is a day of policing when that is what they are paid to do 24/7/365. The label given to the job was used to create roadblock check points that literally brought traffic on the major highways and links to a halt! Businesses, schools and government agencies were hard pressed to function at 100% today because people could not get to work! To make things worse they were prisoners to the highways because they could not turn around and go back home... well done by the Police (sarcasm)! 

This action by the Police to make a point regarding negotiations for increase in pay was a clear misuse of power and authority. Someone or all those responsible for this action should be punished/demoted because they cost the country millions of dollars of lost revenue and serious frustration today. However all is not lost and getting back to the theme of the 'Road Block Lime' we have a situation where some people used the day off to head to the beach for the day... a good day for a lime and in this case a "Road Block Lime". 

The actions of the police (Road Blocks) caused creative Trinidadians to christen the lime a "Road Block Lime". When I heard this on the radio today (someone called in to say the he was heading to Maracas for a Road Block Lime) I had to laugh!

Trinidadians will take any opportunity to hang out and have a good time. Liming is a 'Trini' thing and they are experts when it comes to organizing a Lime quickly. I love my people and I love sweet Trinidad and Tobago but we cannot accept the actions of the Police Service today... thumbs down to those responsible for the fiasco on the highways today!

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