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I was a little concerned that I have not heard any new music from Precision Productions out of Trinidad and Tobago. I have been posting new music for Trinidad and Tobago's upcoming Carnival done by producers from 'up d'islands' but with limited impact from Precision. Yes, I have seen music mastered by Precision but what about the production side of things and where are the new riddims? Well the team have been productive in other areas and they recently provided a press release that provides some insight about the Precision's plans for music in general.

Out of the bowels of Precision Production (Premier Music Production out of Trinidad and Tobago) comes Precision Digital! Musicians, Artists or anyone who wants to become known, become someone of notoriety in the music business, this is your outlet - this is your Global Music Distribution and Marketing outlet!

The press release and video presentation:
Music continues to evolve away from the physical to become a formidable cornerstone of the digital world. Every cell phone, car stereo, and electronic device in our world now has the capacity to not only play MP3s but to also allow its users to buy and immediately download music from around the world. Isn't it time you too step into this progressive future of sound? 

Welcome to the new age of music distribution, where your songs will be sold by over 400 digital retailers on the continents of Asia, Europe, and the Americas. These include iTunes Worldwide, Amazon Digital, Zune, Spotify, eMusic and many more. 

Right now for the first time, we, as your distributor, offer the option of having your music videos on VEVO, as part of your marketing package. 

Let Precision Digital market and distribute your product further than you can ever imagine. Are you ready to step up to the worldwide stage? 

Typography Animation - Jelani Paul for Bold Inc Consultants
Logo Animation - Ashwin Seegobin
Female Voice - Jennifer Boone
Sound Design - Precision Productions

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