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Pat Yuh Drum (Smash Remix)/Bunji Garlin | iamsmash

Damn... this one is wicked! Now I am aware that this track was originally released for Carnival 2014 but I have to drop this rem… Read more

Endless Summer | KES the Band | Summer 2014

This is the much anticipated Summer release from "KES the Band" with lead singer Kees Dieffenthaller delivering a v… Read more

No Stushness Allowed | Nessa Preppy | Trinidad 2014

Sometimes being 'stush' or acting is a conceited or bitchy manner can give one the needed edge to bring attention to y… Read more

Machel Montano dominated Trinidad's Road March | 2014

This " Ministry  of Road" ensured that any "Truck on the Road" was swiftly dealt an early knock-out punch. I… Read more

Groovy & Power Soca Monarch Winners 2014 | Kerwin & Machel

There were great expectations on this night when Fantastic Friday arrived but those great expectations never materialized on a n… Read more

Soca Monarch Finals 2014 | Groovy & Power Soca Songs

The International Soca Monarch competition is here again. In just a few hours we will see the dawn of the Friday before Carnival… Read more

Fantastic Friday | International Soca Monarch Finals 2014

Tomorrow is the big day... Fantastic Friday is here once again - it is time to put up or just shut up. The artists will perfor… Read more

Happiest Man Alive Road Mix | MMHD & Kubiyashi | 2014

Just when you thought Machel Montano was done with new or re-mixed music we have a music blast with the remix of his monster h… Read more

International Soca Monarch 2014 | Destra Garcia

If you are a fan of Lady Destra Garcia aka "Queen of Bacchanal", and you want her to be successful for the upcoming So… Read more

CULO Road Mix | Mr. Renzo feat. Busy Signal | T'dad 2014

If you are a fan of Mr. Renzo and 'have a thing' for Busy Signal then this Road Mix, done by Precision Producvtions'… Read more

Breakaway (Remix) | Ravi B & MMHD feat. Mahalakshmi Iyer | Trinidad 2014

Here is an interesting remix that should please Chutny Soca, New Age Soca and Bollywood style music lovers. This is another look… Read more

DJ Marcus Williams Soca Mixes | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

Hey with just nine days to go before carnival and the Calypso Fiesta show just about ready to take place Trinizagada brings… Read more

Doh Stick | Farmer Nappy | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

This is the final furlong of the race and Farmer Nappy has decided that this is not the time to let up on the competition. He … Read more

Ministry Of Road Mix | MMHD/Precision Productions 2014

Out with the old and in with the new! Damn, if feels like it was just yesterday that this song was released but it now has to… Read more

Carnival Yo Yo | Super Blue | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

The long awaited song release from Super Blue is here. The song is entitled "Carnival Yo Yo" and it is a good one f… Read more

Conga Line | Iwer George | Trinidad & Tobago 2014

Iwer has a new song and he wants you to form a line, a Conga Line. Yes, as you guessed, the song is entitled "Conga Line&qu… Read more

Static | Jadel feat. Skinny Fabulous | Trinidad 2014

This is new music (recently released) for Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival 2014. The song is entitled "Static" but … Read more

Breakout Artist Of The Year 2014 | Mr. Killa vs Erphaan Alves

We have the final cut and in one corner is Grenadian "Rolly Polly" sensation Mr. Killa set to take the stage against… Read more

Truck On D Road (Road Mix) | Bunji Garlin & Precision Productions 2014

Transformers to lock down the Big Stink Truck On D Road! Murdah, Precision productions takes Jus Now's vibe and drops the Ro… Read more

Machel Will Not Win The Power Soca Title with "The Power"

A memo to Machel Montano HD from the people who love Soca music! Do not sing "The Power" to defend your shared Power S… Read more

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