Machel Will Not Win The Power Soca Title with "The Power"

A memo to Machel Montano HD from the people who love Soca music! Do not sing "The Power" to defend your shared Power Soca Monarch title from 2013! If you do you will not win! 

Machel Montano is a star in the business of Soca and he has the ability to take a song that is not all that good and sell it and win. He has done it in the past because he has loads of showmanship and can really hype a crowd. However, that may not be enough to win the Power Soca Title this year if he sings "The Power". Why? OK, you had to ask and the answer is very simple: Just about everyone hates it!

I have never seen a song get such negative publicity in a long time. Think about it for a moment you have Machel on vocals, the song was co-written by Machel and Skinny Fabulous and the production was done by the man who is topping everyone for this carnival, Alex "Kubiyashi" Barnwell. So what went wrong? Well people are saying that this song is a blue print for Skinny Fabulous and not Machel Montano. They are also saying that the vibe is a recycled Skinny Fabulous vibe (looks like Skinny set up Machel!). What was Machel thinking singing about "Power Rangers" and to be honest the lyrical content simply sucks!

Some people are whispering and don't want to come out and say that the song is crap but there are some who think that the song is good and have put forth a case to defend it. Well Socapro on islandmix has put forth his case to defend the song.

Here is what Socapro had to say:
When it comes to Power tunes I don't need to hear the artist singing the most sensible lyrics in the world as I regard most Power Soca tracks as fun songs.
For example "Tay Lay Lay" wasn't about saving the world nor was "Moving to the Left & Right" nor was "Duracell". So if you are too much of a boring fart to realise that Power Soca tracks should be all about creating hype and having fun then that's your lost but please don't expect me to join you.

On a connected note I believe Machel has now revealed his full T&T Carnival 2014 Soca plans with the release of this Power track:-

1. Looks to me like "The Power" is designed to win him the 2014 ISM Power Soca Monarch title. 
2. HMA (Happiest Man Alive) or Haunted is designed to win him the 2014 ISM Groovy Soca Monarch title.
3. MOR (Ministry Of Road) is designed to win him the 2014 T&T Road March title. 

Will Machel's 2014 Carnival plans be successful? That remains to be seen but I now believe that those are definitely his plans and that "The Power" is not designed for winning Road March in T&T as it clearly can't but could be used by MM to win Power Soca Monarch title especially if he puts the right presentation into it.
@ end Socapro's comments.

I personally believe that Machel should rethink his position if he truly intends to use "The Power" for the Power Soca Monarch competition. He can't use this for the road march to go up against Bunji's very popular "Truck On The Road". He has to use MOR (Ministry of Road) to try and fend off Bunji's onslaught for that title. So what is he going to do? I hope he is not stubborn enough to go with "The Power". If he does he may not place in the first three!

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