Fantastic Friday | International Soca Monarch Finals 2014

Tomorrow is the big day... Fantastic Friday is here once again - it is time to put up or just shut up. The artists will perform and attempt to unseat Machel Montano as Monarch in both (co-defends Power Soca Monarch title with Super Blue) the Groovy and Power Soca Categories.

Who will rise to the occasion and deliver a stellar performance to take it all? We all have favorites but is our 'horse in the race' good enough to take it all? It should be a grand show and hopefully Carnival TV will have the show live in High Definition for those of us who live overseas and depend on the Internet for a live feed. Some people have already picked the winner and those who will be runners up. I only hope that the judges penalize singers for shouting during their performances. We want to hear people sing their songs and not shout to the World. I also hope that they limit the use of pre-recorded music and that all the music comes from the band on stage. If the artists sing and the band on stage provides all the music I will be very pleased. However, if that is not the case then we may have the same scenario from last year and the person who sings the best, has good stage presence and support from the audience may end up watching a shouting artist win it all!

Regardless of what actually happens there will be loads to be happy about and an equal amount of complaints to balance the scale. I only hope that we are blessed with a video feed that streams well - everything else is just gravy on my plate!

Live Stream for the 2014 International Soca Monarch show.
The show will be available via PPV or the Live Internet Stream. The cost of the live stream is US $19.99. Go to the following link to pre-pay for the event: Ultrastream/Live Soca Monarch Show Stream!

The People's Event | Carib Breakout Artist Of The Year
Let us not forget that on this night the "Carib Breakout Artist" for 2014 will be determined when Mr. Killa and Erhaan Alves perform. These two artists made the final cut to determine the winner. The competition is co-sponsored by Carib, Ford Motors Trinidad limited and Slam 100.5 fm. The odds favor Grenada's "Mr. Killa" to win this competition with his hit song "Rolly Polly" that has steam rolled it way across Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Hollace "Mr. Killa" Map - Rolly Polly
  • Erphaan Alves - Contagious
Here is the official order of appearance of artists with Sobriquet/Stage Name, Song and Text Code for the Groovy Soca Monarch Finals. The following artists will compete against Machel Montano  to be crowned Groovy Soca Monarch 2014:
Name of Singer
  1. Ravi Bissambhar
  2. Junior Noel
  3. Erphaan Alves
  4. Gamal Doyle
  5. Denise Belfon
  6. Carlton Cordle
  7. Destra Garcia
  8. Cecil Cambridge
  9. Darryl Henry
  10. Cassiano Sylvester
  11. Kerwin DuBois
  12. Machel Montano
Sobriquet/Stage Name
  1. Ravi B
  2. Mr. Famous
  3. Erphaan Alves
  4. Skinny Fabulous
  5. Saucy Wow
  6. Biggie Irie
  7. Destra
  8. Tallpree
  9. Farmer Nappy
  10. Cassie
  11. Kerwin
  12. Machel
Name of Song
  1. Bread
  2. Play More Local
  3. Contagious
  4. Behaving The Worst
  5. Chuku Chuku
  6. Need Ah Riddim
  7. First Time
  8. Jab Nation
  9. Big People Party
  10. Man In Yuh House
  11. Too Real
  12. Happiest Man Alive
  1. RAVI
  2. MFAM
  3. ERPH
  4. SKFB
  5. SWOW
  6. BIGG
  7. DEST/4768
  8. PREE
  9. FARM
  10. CASI
  11. KCDB
  12. MMH
Here is the official order of appearance of artists with Sobriquet/Stage Name, Song and Text Code for the Power Soca Monarch Finals. The following artists will compete against last year's co-winners Machel Montano and Austin "Super Blue" Lyons  to be crowned Power Soca Monarch 2014:
Name of Singer
  1. Angela Giustini
  2. Heaven Charles
  3. Nadia Batson
  4. Patrice Roberts 
  5. Austin Lyons
  6. Neil Iwer George
  7. Devon Martin 
  8. Devon Matthews
  9. Destra Garcia
  10. Hollice Mapp
  11. Machel Montano
      Sobriquet/Stage Name
      1. Ann-G
      2. Snakey
      3. Nadia
      4. Patrice
      5. Super Blue
      6. Iwer
      7. Lyrikal
      8. Devon Matthews
      9. Desta
      10. Mr. Killa 
      11. Machel
          Name of Song
          1. We Love Carnival
          2. The Dhoti Song
          3. Rated R
          4. Fetting Di Most
          5. Carnival Yo Yo
          6. Mama Oh
          7. Lockdown
          8. Level It
          9. Mash Up
          10. Rolly Polly
          11. Ministry of Road
              1. ANNG
              2. SNKE
              3. NBMB
              4. PRMA
              5. SUPA
              6. IWER
              7. LYRO
              8. DEVM
              9. DEST/7622
              10. KILA
              11. MMHD
              Please press play to listen to the songs... it may take a few seconds for the player to connect to the source - the songs will play!
              Name of Singer & Song | Groovy Soca
              Ravi B - Bread

              Mr. Famous - Play More Local

              Erphaan Alves - Contagious

              Skinny Fabulous - Behaving the Worst

              Saucy Wow - Chuku Chuku

              Biggie Irie - Need Ah Riddim

              Destra Garcia - First Time

              Tallpree - Jab Nation

              Farmer Nappy - Big People Party

              Cassie - Man In Yuh House

              Kerwin Dubois - Too Real

              Machel Montano - HMA

              Name of Singer & Song | Power Soca
              Ann-G - We Love Carnival

              Snakey - The Dhoti Song

              Nadia Batson - Rated R

              Patrice  Roberts - Fetting Di Most

              Super Blue - Carnival Yo Yo

              Iwer George - Mama Oh

              Lyrikal - Lockdown

              Devon Matthews - Level It

              Destra Garcia - Mash Up

              Mr. Killa - Rolly Polly

              Machel Montano - Ministry of Road

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