How many more must die before we act like Patriots!

"Time to party, come leh we party"... It is time to organize the "Curfew Lime"!  As we all know, Trinidadians will find a reason to party and this current State of Emergency brings about great expectations for a good curfew party. When one thinks about it a party is time to celebrate and have a good time but with so many deaths over the weekend, how in heavens name can we consider talking about a curfew party or simply to joke about it?

People are talking about getting their curfew pass simply to get to their friends home to lime (some say it costs US $10.00 and you can get one at the local police station); yes, it is about bragging rights and they will brave the 'cut-arse' at the hands of the security personnel patrolling the streets just to talk about it at the next 'lime' (hanging out with friends/socializing).  "We eh 'fraid Kamla and that PP government... "So ah bull-pistle or two is nothing to worry about. "They doh like black hen chickens!" Just imagine a mayor making the statement that the PP government is against "black hen chickens". That is a disgrace! Oh, you don't know what it means? Well 'black hen chickens' is a reference to people of African ancestry! So now we have an "Indian Government" in office looking to stifle the goals and aspirations of people of African ancestry - what rubbish!

Most people want something to be done but now that the government has acted decisively it is not the "right thing" for 'John Public'. So my question is this, "how should we solve the problem?" How many more must die before we all say enough! Instead, we have to hear talk on the radio stations that  the Commissioner of Police should be fired.  Trinidadians are the most difficult people to please, bar none. 

On some radio stations just about every Minister without Portfolio is on the air with their 'knowledgeable commentaries'. They all know how to solve the problems causing the sickness that has manifested itself with callous murders and depraved indifference to innocent persons shopping in corner shops (parlours) in broad daylight. They will tell you that they know the culprits bringing in the guns and drugs but "we cyar call names". What a bunch of rubbish. The truth is the bandits know 'who is who' and yes there are corrupted officials throughout the country, including the security services, but no one can or will provide that information.  In a very convincing manner, they will tell you that any child knows who is the 'pusher-man' in the neighborhood; and who are the big boys bringing in the drugs, guns and ammunition. I tell you we have a bunch of hypocrites opening their mouths and braying from their backsides. If the government  does good they (detractors) will find something wrong to attach to it and when something goes bad it is magnified.

I guess the deaths over the weekend (eleven in total) mean nothing because it does not hit home. So what do we do? We joke about it and organize a curfew party! When will we realize that this is about saving our country, it is about nation building and has nothing to do with your political affiliation. If we stop the crime the country wins and we all win. So how many more must die before you shed your political affiliation and become a patriot of Trinidad and Tobago? Watch the music video that comes to you compliments of Google YouTube... The lyrics are meaningful in this time of distress.

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