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I am so happy to feature this band here today. The very first time I heard the track "Sadist Dread Horse" it caught me by surprise. DJ Devi played the song on his show the 'Sleep Over' that is featured on Wack Radio ( It was late but the music caught me by surprise! What was I listening too here... Is it Rock, Pan, Calypso? I surprised and in shock - it was a serious basodee moment! I had to call the station to get the name of the track and the band that played it. Damion Melville played the track several times because people were calling to hear the music. Then it was not heard again! What a shame.

I found the name  Skid"Nevely while surfing the net and was able to source some information from the site Reverbnation that I wish to share with you here. The following information was obtained from Reverbnation:
Genres: Rock / Calypso / Pop Punk
Label: None
Managementt: Simon Baptiste of Question Mark Entertainment

Skid"Nevely was formed by Andrew Mc Intosh in 2004, 2 years after migrating from St.Lucia to Trinidad. The original members (which have changed a bit over the years) included Anthony Abraham on drums, Mark Wallace on bass, Shane de Silva on lead guitar and Andrew on steel pan, guitar and vocals.

Four months after their formation and with the support of their manager Karissa Lewes, they went on to win the Anchorage 2004 Pop Music Awards. This opened the doors to many gigs and interviews in the following months, making them a little less tiny on the local scene.

A few months in the studio gave birth to their first album The Boy Who Cried Girl which was launched in 2005 and included the song She's So His which held its own on local radio as a number one song for weeks.
After bidding farewell to Karissa (who migrated), Skid"Nevely found new management in Simon Baptiste and Question Mark Entertainment. With their help, the band has met and worked with foreign producers like Jonathon McHugh, toured L.A and Florida and also put out their first music video for the song K.I.A which topped a Trinidad video countdown down for months

A Lot has changed since the beginning. New members have come and gone and now with the help Shallun Sammy on lead guitar and Anthony Abraham still backing it up on the drums, Andrew and the band now look to the future of Skid which will be filled with new music and the promise of fulfilling the dreams they started with."

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
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Sadist Dread Horse - Skid"Nevely

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