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Work | Cammi Feat. Blaxx | US/Trinidad & Tobago 2015

From one island to another, from the US (Long Island) to Trinidad and Tobago comes a combination that will have you dancing … Read more

Million (Official Music Video) | KES the Band 2015

Hear Ye, Hear Ye... Fans of KES the Band have something to celebrate today. Zagada is pleased to present the release of the Offi… Read more

No Apology | Kerwin Dubois 2015 | Official Music Video

Here is the Official Music video for Kerwin Dubois's Carnival 2015 hit song "No Apology". This is a fun video... e… Read more

Fallin (Dwala Remix) KES | Happy Birthday Kees!

Today is a day that many Kes fans will celebrate for sure. On this day, March 12th., a 'loud boudoup' was heard across … Read more

Ola (Smash Remix) | Olatunji | Trinidad & Tobago 2015

Tadow! Hello Soca fanatics out there today we present Olatunji Yearwood's smash it for Carnivals in 2015 with a different vi… Read more

Party Done & Like Ah Boss Mash Up De Road | T'dad 2015

Pick one because one of the two songs above, both by Machel Montano, is the Road March for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 201… Read more

Party Done Road Mix | Machel & Angela Hunte | T'dad 2015

Kubiyashi Road Mix of Machel "Monk Monte" Montano & Angela Hunte's hit song "Party Done" for Trinida… Read more

Soca Monarch Winners 2015 | Olatunji & Machel Montano

Olatunji Yearwood won the Groovy Soca Monarch Competition while Machel Montano destroyed the stadium and took the Power Soca Mon… Read more

Power Soca Monarch 2015 | The Performances

Part two of the competition started quickly after the Groovy Soca monarch competition finished. The show got going with the very… Read more

Tadow - Olatunji was Epic! | Groovy Soca Monarch 2015

Tonight I sat in front of my computer with headphones on and took in the Groovy Soca Monarch show via live stream. I have to say… Read more

Machel Monday | The Triangle of Monk

For those who were not able to attend the show at the National Stadium in Trinidad here is a short video clip of some of the pe… Read more

Jump Ft. Fatman Scoop & Papa Jay | T'dad & Tobago 2015

Machel Montano aka "Monk Monté" has released another song just one week before the King Carnival takes to the road. Ta… Read more

NYC sends Love and Support to Lyrikal | ISM 2015 Trinidad

Cloud 9 is an excellent song that is receiving a lot of attention in Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2015. It goes without sayi… Read more

Great Parade | Machel Montano feat. Patrice Roberts | T'dad & Tobago 2015

Carnival 2015 is just over two weeks (three weekends) away but Machel Montano is still releasing new music. This one is entitled… Read more

Pick your Groovy Soca Monarch Winner | International Soca Monarch 2015

So here we are again with another Groovy Soca Monarch competition to decide. Who will win it? It is now an open race with last y… Read more

The International Soca Monarch Competition is Rigged! | Trinidad 2015

Sigh, I am so disheartened with the way this Soca Monarch competition is turning out. Anyone who watched the show should have be… Read more

Festival | Nava & Machel Montano | Trinidad & Tobago 2015

Here is another bonus release from Machel "MonkMonté‬" Montano along with the artist known as Nava (Pranava “Nava"… Read more

Remedy Refix | Machel & Shaggy | Trinidad & Tobago 2015

This re-fix came at the right time for sure! After that horrible Soca Monarch semi-final competition last night we really needed… Read more

International Soca Monarch Semi Finals 2015 | Line-Up

The listing below shows the announced/drawing of positions for the Semi-final round of competition. However, the actual order wa… Read more

Blazing | Olatunji & Skinny Fabulous | T'dad & Tobago 2015

Trinidad and Tobago and Saint Vincent are two nations blessed with Soca music artists who have the ability to 'tun up&#… Read more

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