Power Soca Monarch 2015 | The Performances

Part two of the competition started quickly after the Groovy Soca monarch competition finished. The show got going with the very popular Shurwayne Winchester singing 'Shake It'. This song felt like it should have been a part of the Groovy Soca Monarch competition. Shurwayne delivered a good performance tonight but not a Power performance.

Contestant number two (duet Squeeze Head and Shal Marshall) came on and performed "Turbo Charge". This song won the road march competition in Grenada last year. This retooling of the song added Shal Marshall out of Trinidad and the Grenada/Trinidad connection dropped the first real action vibe for the Power Soca Competition. These guys delivered an energetic performance that is typical for the Power Soca category. However, it was not a performance to call home about!I guess there was too much energy on stage making the vibe sound so damn noisy!

KI Persad came in at the number three spot in the competition. He had the band Treveni supporting his performance of his song entitled "Flags". He started of his performance with a lot of energy waned midway but picked up the space in the end while suspended over the stadium. His efforts to get the audience on his side did not seem to hit the sweet spot.

Patrice Roberts performed well but did not really excite me with her song. Indeed she looked good in that outfit she wore on stage. She performed and after she finished I could not remember that performance. 

Spice in yuh Spice... Mr. Killa out of Grenada came on and set the stage/show on fire with a splendid performance of his song entitled "When We Reach".He did not sing "Panty Dropper" that he did in the semi finals. Fire on the stage and his vocal performance was excellent. This man is the real deal and a contender who could take the crown from Machel Montano. He did address the fact that a lot of people believe that the show is fixed!  Other than that political jab at the organization he dropped the best performance up to his place in the competition. 

Contestant number six was none other than Nikki Crosby aka Granny with her song "Go Granny". This was an excellent case of showmanship. Nikki Crosby captivated the audience with her ability to bring comedy in a singing competition. When she was finished there was a buzz in the stadium. The fun part was when she dropped the microphone and said 'party done'... and walked off the stage. Party 
Done, for those who don't know is a song done by Machel Montano. She woke up the audience for sure. 

Snakey sang at number 7... this may have been the opposite side of the same coin that has Granny. Not my vibe but then again he is in the finals of the Power Soca Monarch competition. 

Iwer Iwer Iwer... well after Snakey I had to find something to get excited about. He performed and brought his energy to the stage but in the end he decided to throw some picong in the path of Machel Montano and the 'Partnership'. He felt he had to do it but the audience did not 'fall for it'. He did not have the impact on the audience that most people expected. Maybe he should have sung "Red"... he is not in contention!

Next up is Machel Montano... the reigning Monarch! The stadium erupted when Monk Monte made his entrance. He was dressed in a gold outfit with red trim. The stadium was going crazy as Machel 'Monk Monte' Montano sang "Like Ah Boss"! What can I say... he did it his way and there is no way anyone can beat that performance by Machel Montano!

Blaxx came on after Machel Montano... that was an unfortunate place to be especially after Machel destroyed the stadium. However Blaxx came on with the needed energy but the stadium was still abuzz about Machel's performance. Blaxx appeared to push the envelope a bit much... he sounded like he was overextending his voice. He pushed too hard and sounded like he was shouting at times. He is a good singer but pushed his voice a bit too much for his performance tonight.

The final contestant of the night was Kernal Roberts. Young Kitch came on with a fiery performance and delivered his song entitle "Excitement". I really liked his performance tonight. He closed the show in style. This was his first time in the competition and one has to give him credit for the performance he delivered.

Next up the results: 2:25 am Saturday February, 2015. Let's not kid ourselves Machel Montano aka Monk Monté won that show last night in a very convincing manner. Who places second did so far behind "Like Ah Boss"!

Machel Montano ended his Soca Monarch career with an excellent performance that ensured that he was the Lotto Plus International Power Soca Monarch for 2015! Congratulations to the Monk on this resounding victory!

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