Tadow - Olatunji was Epic! | Groovy Soca Monarch 2015

Tonight I sat in front of my computer with headphones on and took in the Groovy Soca Monarch show via live stream. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised! I did not want to hear shouting and artists singing while out of breath! The singers brought their "A" game and because of the wealth of talent I continuously kept changing my 'on the night selection'! Olatunji annihilated the competition!

Yes I said 'on the night selection'. Chucky Gordon, the reigning Calypso Monarch delivered his very witty track 'Doh take it on'. He was very energetic on stage and delivered a very strong performance.I had Destra as my favorite artist because I just love the song 'Lucy' and the creative musical juices injected into the vibe  by the Red Boyz out of Barbados. The song was written by Jason 'Shaft' Bishop. But then came the actual performances and they kept delivering excellent performances! Damn I loved what I was seeing and hearing! Alison Hinds was one of the presenters for the Pay Per View event... it was really good seeing her and getting her input on each performance. Olatunji was just better that everyone in the competition!

Some performances really stood out! Of course I enjoyed Destra's performance but I was not sure it was good enough to win it all after Farmer Nappy came on...another Red Boyz and Jason 'Shaft' Bishop endeavor. Then Ricardo Drue (representing Antigua) came on and rocked the stage; he delivered an excellent performance... this was going to be tough to pick a winner tonight. Now talking about tough to pick a winner! Benjai came on and delivered a moving performance. I was really impressed with Benjai's time on stage and his humble interview after he came off the stage. Benjai was just 'Phenomenal'! Olatunji... superb!

Brooklyn in the house! Devon Martin aka Lyrikal came on and did his thing with 'Cloud 9'. He was good but he had an excellent song to deliver but I think he did not deliver a performance to match that beautiful song. Olatunji eclipsed the cloud!

I was critical of Leadpipe and Saddis for the Semifinal round of competition but they came on and performed so well... they delivered for their final appearance. The musicians on stage with Leadpipe and Saddis brought vibe and sweet music to the Soca Monarch... Sweet! The other Bajan contestant came next with his very popular song 'Ducking' written by Jason 'Shaft' Bishop. He was good but his stage presentation needed an assist! Olatunji was golden!

The one person I thought could take it all came and performed last... Olatunji simply elevated his game to the point that the judges did not have to judge who won.. he was simply amazing! He had the opportunity to listen to the previous contestants and wipe the slate clean with a strong and electric performance. He did not disappoint with his very popular song 'Ola'. OMG he was the best on stage... the lyrical presentation, the stage performance and the impact on the stage was by far the best seen tonight! It was an epic performance... so so so damn good! Tadow!

I posted the following on islandmix.com:
OMG... Olatunji just out performed everyone in every aspect! He has to win this title tonight! Best performance, best presentation, excellent vocals and he had the vibe... it was epic! The audience in the stadium erupted crowning him the unofficial Monarch... everyone feels Olatunji did it ... he is the Monarch!

Of course we have to wait for the official results that should come early Saturday morning. Now it is time for the Power Soca Monarch competition.

Olatunji is now the Official Digicel International Groovy Monarch... well deserved! Zagada extends congratulations to Olanunji... Tadow!

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