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Grenada Calypso Monarch 2016 | SMC Melody Papitete Results

It is Carnival Sunday in the Spice Isle and that could only mean one thing, King Carnival will reign supreme come Monday mor… Read more

Grenada Panorama Finals/Results 2016 | Spice Mas

It is Pan in Yuh Pwefen, "Spice Isle Style" at the Grenada National Stadium (08/06/2016). The show was scheduled to st… Read more

Grenada Soca Monarch Results 2016 | Spice Mas

Photo sourced/courtesy Grenada Spot The Grenada Soca Monarch Competitions (Groovy and Power… Read more

Flow Soca Monarch Finals/Grenada | Spice Mas 2016

This is it, and we know it will be 'Soca Thunder Drama' this Friday in Grenada as the Spice Isle gears up for the … Read more

Best of Grenada 2016/RoadReadyMix | DJ Nazty Nige

Track List: 32:17 Mr Killa x Legz --- Party Bad --- Jumbie Jab Riddim 34:9 Loose Cannon --- Watch Me --- Jumbie Jab Ri… Read more

Soca Monarch Finals Grenada | Spicemas 2016

The Grenada Soca Monarch Competitions will take place next week on the Friday before the street parades take place. This pos… Read more

Grenada Soca Monarch Finalists (Power) | Spice Mas 2016

Fantastic Friday is going to rock the Spice Isle with sweet Soca vibes for Grenada's summer Carnival 2016. The singe… Read more

Grenada Calypso Monarch Finalists | Spicemas 2016

The finalists for Grenada's Calypso Monarch have been released. The top ten finalists will compete on Dimanche Gras nigh… Read more

Grenada Calypso Semi Finals | Melody Papiette Spicemas 2016

Press play to watch the show entitled "Melody Papitette Semi Finals". This is the Calypso Monarch Semi Finals at Vi… Read more

Grenada Groovy Soca Monarch Finalists | Spice Mas 2016

The Grenada Soca Monarch Semi Final round of competition took place last night. The names of the artists who qualified for… Read more

Grenada Soca Releases 2016 | JulianpromosTV/SpiceMas

Here is your opportunity to catch up with the latest music releases for Grenada's Summer Carnival 2016. The music listing co… Read more

Bam Bam | Mr. Killa | Spicemas 2016

Mr. Killa is on fire for Granada's Spice Mas 2016. The song presented here is entitled "Bam Bam". This one is … Read more

Grenada Soca Monarch Semifinalists | Spicemas 2016

This is going to be a hot night of competition on the Spice Isle. On Friday July 22nd., 2016 the semi finalists for the Grena… Read more

Grenada Groovy Soca Monarch Semi-Finalists | Spicemas 2016

Mark the date and tune in to your favorite Grenadian radio station to listen to thirty one (31) Grenadian Soca Artists compet… Read more

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