Grenada Panorama Finals/Results 2016 | Spice Mas

It is Pan in Yuh Pwefen, "Spice Isle Style" at the Grenada National Stadium (08/06/2016). The show was scheduled to start at 6:00 pm today. Nine of the top Steelbands in the Spice Isle will compete to be crowned Panorama Champions for Carnival 2016.

The show is available via the Internet PPV feed. This is the official link provided for tonights broadcast: NLA/SMC Panorama Finals Live Video feed

This is the official "Order of Appearance" for tonights Panorama Finals in the Spice Isle:
Name of Band
  1. Digicel Florida All Stars
  2. Suzuki Pan Wizards
  3. CBW Pan Ossia
  4. Grand Roy Pan Angels
  5. FLOW Commancheros
  6. Coyaba New Dimensions
  7. Rep. Bank Angel Harps
  8. Pan Lovers
  9. Rainbow City All Stars
Name of Song
  1. Jump Up
  2. Sparrow
  3. Street Party
  4. Stick the cake
  5. Dance
  6. Salute d' band
  7. Take it
  8. Sweetness
  9. Music drums
  1. Dee Dee
  2. Ajamu
  3. Quako
  4. Squeezy
  5. Inspector
  6. Roots man K
  7. Ajamu
  8. Ajamu
  9. O.Alexander
  1. Joel Joseph
  2. Skeete/Blaize/Roberts
  3. Robert Cadet
  4. James Clarkson
  5. Andre Greenidge
  6. David 'Peck' Edwards
  7. James Clarkson
  8. Ignatius Bain
  9. Oscar Alexander
The Names of the Bands, Song, Composer and Arranger listed above was sourced from the When Steel Talks website at the following link: whensteeltalks/grenada panorama

Panorama Results for Spice Mas 2016
Congratulations are extended to the New Panorama Champions for Grenada's Spice Mas 2016. Well done!
Name of Band
  1. Flow Commancheros
  2. Coyaba New Dimensions
  3. Republic Bank Angel Harps
  4. Suzuki Pan Wizards
  5. Pan Ossia
  6. Florida All Stars
  7. Rainbow City All Stars
  8. Pan Lovers
  9. Grand Roy Pan Angels
Name of Song
  1. Dance 
  2. Salute the Band
  3. Take It
  4. Sparrow
  5. Street Party
  6. Jump Up
  7. Music Drums
  8. Sweetness 
  9. Stick The Cake
Arranged By
  1. Andre Greenidge
  2. David 'Peck' Edwards
  3. James Clarkson
  4. Skeete/Robertson
  5. Robert Cadet
  6. Joel Joseph
  7. Oscar Alexander
  8. Ignatius Bain
  9. Denver Mendes

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