Grenada Groovy Soca Monarch Semi-Finalists | Spicemas 2016

Mark the date and tune in to your favorite Grenadian radio station to listen to thirty one (31) Grenadian Soca Artists compete for a place in the Groovy Soca Monarch finals 2016. The show is scheduled to take place on Thursday July 21, 2016 at Victoria Park in Grenville.

We will update this post with the venue and radio station that is broadcasting the show live/via Internet audio feed. The names listed below is the official order of appearance for the show. 
Name of Singer
  1. Valene Nedd
  2. Shem Bernard
  3. Sheldon Douglas
  4. Jermaine Simon
  5. Necia Morain
  6. Finley Jeffery
  7. Kellon/Kelson Ogiste
  8. Gavin Moses
  9. Kirton Roberts
  10. Hector Thomas
  11. Leonie Patrick
  12. Anthony James
  13. Damion La Pompe
  14. Shondell Amada
  15. Cynthia Ogiste
  16. Andrew Phillip
  17. Lesly Modeste
  18. Jevaughn John
  19. Elimus Gilbert
  20. Sherwin Paul
  21. Brendon Mckie
  22. Mandella Mc Donald
  23. Anthony Phillip
  24. Laura Richardson
  25. Edson Mitchell
  26. Kelvin Celestine
Sobriquet of Singer
  1. Valene
  2. D Governor
  3. Sheldon Douglas
  4. Superstar
  5. Necy
  6. Scholar
  7. Luni Sparks/Electrify 
  8. Mozo
  9. Alma Boy
  10. Mr. Legs
  11. Baby L
  12. Contagious J
  13. Pappy Boi
  14. Amada Dash
  15. Lady Cinty
  16. Hitz
  17. Brother B
  18. Lil Vaughn
  19. Inspector
  20. Mr. Walkie
  21. Killa B
  22. Mandella Linx
  23. Ranking Marvin
  24. Laura Lisa
  25. Ajamu
  26. Otis
Name of Song

The list of artists presented here was sourced from the Official Spice Mas 2016 website that can be seen at the following link: SpiceMas 2016/Groovy Soca Semi-Finalists

The following link will take you to the pay per view page to purchase ($5.00 USD) the live video feed for this show: Groovy Soca Monarch Semi-Finals/Spicemas 2016

Here is the link to the post listing the singers who made it to the Finals/see link below:
Grenada Groovy Soca Monarch Finalists 2016

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