Grenada Soca Monarch Semifinalists | Spicemas 2016

This is going to be a hot night of competition on the Spice Isle. On Friday July 22nd., 2016 the semi finalists for the Grenada (Power) Soca Monarch competition will take place at Victoria Park in Grenville. The start time is 8:00  pm and the cost of entry is just $30.00.

The artists listed below is the official order of appearance for the show from which the finalists will be chosen. 

We will update this posting with links to radio stations that will broadcast the show via the Internet. We expect to place a radio feed to this posting. 

Name of Singer
  1. Kennedy Mapp
  2. Trevor Douglas
  3. Jason Phillip/Shaquille Jones
  4. Gilbert Nero
  5. Finber Andrews
  6. Mario Michael
  7. Sheldon Douglas
  8. Shondell Amada
  9. Asim Berdard
  10. Dingaan Henry
  11. Kellon/Kelson Ogiste
  12. Shem Bernard
  13. David/John Blackstorm
  14. Jevaughn John
  15. Dave Peters
  16. Javis Cuffy
  17. Nelson Mapp
  18. Andrew Noel
  19. Kendel George
  20. Darly Bernard/Jaren Campbell
  21. Finley Jeffery
  22. Brendon Mckie
  23. Jermaine Simon
  24. Edson Mitchell
  25. Neal Gabriel/Nervon Black
  26. Wrenroy Ogiste
  27. Damion La Pompe
  28. Keishorn Hazzard
  29. Elimus Gilbert
  30. Laura Richardson
  31. Clevon Whiteman
Sobriquet of Singer
  1. Kennedy
  2. Mushman
  3. Cloud 5
  4. K1
  5. Shortpree
  6. Slida
  7. Sheldon Douglas
  8. Dash
  9. Sylum
  10. Lil Natty & Thunder
  11. Luni Sparks & Electrify
  12. Terra D Governor
  13. Lil John & Blackstorm
  14. Lil Vaughn 
  15. Boogie B
  16. Muddy
  17. Mr. Razer
  18. Simple Dan
  19. Ledneck
  20. Shlly Bally & Magga
  21. Scholar
  22. Killa B
  23. Suprstar
  24. Ajamu
  25. Black Blingers
  26. Blacka Dan
  27. Pappy Boi
  28. Squeeze Head
  29. Inspector
  30. Laura Lisa
  31. Happy Boy

The list of artists presented here was sourced from the Official Spice Mas 2016 website that can be seen at the following link: SpiceMas 2016/Soca Semi-Finalists

The following link will take you to the pay per view page to purchase ($5.00 USD) the live video feed for this show: Soca Monarch Semi-Finals/Spicemas 2016

Here is the link to the post that shows the Finalists for the Grenada (Power) Soca Monarch: Soca Monarch finalists Grenada 2016

Go to the following post/link for the Grenada Soca Monarch resultsSMC Flow Soca Monarch Results/Grenada 2016

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