Grenada Calypso Monarch Finalists | Spicemas 2016

The finalists for Grenada's Calypso Monarch have been released. The top ten finalists will compete on Dimanche Gras night (Carnival Sunday, August 7, 2016).

The task at hand, for the ten qualifying singers, will be to win the title of Calypso Monarch of Grenada 2016 and, is so doing, take the crown from the reigning Monarch Ajamu.

Take note that the Current/Defending Monarch is Edson Mitchell aka "Ajamu"!
Name of Singer
  1. Finley Jeffrey
  2. Brendon McKie
  3. Kelly Clyne
  4. Elimus Gilbert
  5. Sheldon Douglas
  6. Edison Francis
  7. Micah Joseph
  8. Sean Niles
  9. Laura Richardson
  10. Allan Gaskin
  11. Edson Mitchell
  1. Scholar
  2. Killa B
  3. Rootsman Kelly
  4. Inspector
  5. Sheldon Douglas
  6. Teacher Eddie
  7. Baracka
  8. Sour Serpent
  9. Laura Lisa
  10. Allan G
  11. Ajamu

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