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Good Energy by Shornbeats feat. Double R & Killy | Dominica/Vincy Soca

Image via YouTube music video © Jussbusscamp Records "Good Energy" is a newly released song by Shornbeats, Double R, an… Read more

Whine Wicked | Peng Pang

Image via YouTube. "Gwaannnn Peng Pang"... As an islander, one would immediately realize that this twang style is not o… Read more

Hammer & Conchs | Skarpyon | Vincy Mas 2013

Now listen to this song and enjoy the music but then take in the lyrics and come to terms with the double entendre used by the a… Read more

Wifey-Matey (Leave Him) | Fya Empress | Vincy Mas 2013

If music is the food of life they play on and in this case simply feed off the vibe of this moving track that Lady Fya Empress … Read more

Ah Doh Kno Mi Self | Fya Empress | SVG Carvival 2013

Fya Empress is doing her thing and releasing new music for Saint Vincent Carnival 2013. Her previously released songs were of … Read more

Let Loose | Problem Child | St. Vincent/Trinidad 2013

Here comes the "Vincy Bad Boy" aka Problem with a song titled "Let Loose" just in time for Trinidad and… Read more

Rum Please | Fya Empress & Fay-Ann Lyons | Trinidad 2013

This is the Remix Version of Fya Empress' Rum Please that was a big hit for the St. Vincent Carnival 2012. The remix versi… Read more

Release | Kevin 'KC' Charles | Trinidad/St.Vincent 2013

This is music from Vincy land released for Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival 2013 and surely will be re-released for Vincy … Read more

Still Drunk | Ian "Fojo" Corbin | Trinidad/St. Vincent 2013

If you want to listen to a song that was simply written for those whom are 'still drunk', then this is the song for yo… Read more

Dance | Zoelah | Trinidad/St.Vincent 2013

Vincy Soca artiste Zoelah has found her way back to the land of her birth, Trinidad, where she produced her latest track simply … Read more

Fya Empress wins the St. Vincent Road March 2012

Talk about a clean sweep... Lornette Nedd-Reid aka Fya Empress won the Road March competition in St. Vincent for Carnival 201… Read more

Fya Empress Wins the St. Vincent Calypso Monarch 2012

On Sunday July 8th, 10 Calypsonians competed against Maxwell 'Tajo' Francis for the National Calypso Crown during Dimanc… Read more

Skinny Fabulous Wins St. Vincent Soca Monarch 2012

Last night the St. Vincent Soca Monarch Finals took place at Victoria Park.  This is the Uptempo Soca finals; we call it Power… Read more

Rum Please (Road Mix) | Fya Empress | SVG 2012

Rum Please! Here is the St. Vincent Ragga Soca Monarch doing her thing on the Castries Harbor Riddim. This track was written b… Read more

Benjai to perform at St.Vincent's Panorama | Steel and Glitter

St. Vincent's Panorma competition, Steel and Glitter, will have Trinidadian Soca artiste Rodney 'Benjai' Le Blanc … Read more

"Trample" | Fanatix | Vincy Soca 2012

This is one of those songs that simply comes 'out of the blue' and grabs the imagination of the people... well the youth… Read more

Fya Empress Wins St. Vincent Ragga Soca Monarch 2012

St. Vincent Ragga Soca Monarch 2012 Fya Empress will bring the St. Vincent Ragga Soca Monarch title home to Tobago! 'Bam… Read more

Vincy Ragga Soca Finalists | Vincy Mas 2012

The following list of contestants was sourced from the website . Last year's Ragga Soca Champion Skarpyon wi… Read more

"Ragga Soca Mix" | Vincy Mas 2012

'A little wine never hurt nobody, so take ah wine'... now this is a mix of some of the latest tracks released for Vincy … Read more

"I Love Carnival" |Kevin Lyttle & Skinny Fabulous SVG 2012!

"I Love Carnival" [Shibuya Riddim] [Produced By Precision Productions & LIME Records] [Soca]  SVG Carnival 201… Read more

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