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Say When Riddim | Produced by Huntta Flow

Say When Riddim by Huntta Flow. Huntta Flo Productions present Skinny Fabulous along with Lyrikal on a music flow entitled, &quo… Read more

Testing Positive | Shelly | Dominica 2022

Photo © Sheldon 'Shelly' Alfred. Who is Sheldon "Shelly" Alfred? This man just 'tun up' my head with a … Read more

Let's Rewind with Patrice Roberts | Dai Mine

Overlaid Photos © Patrice Roberts & NMG Music One of the sweet things about being the site admin for Sokah2Soca is that I can… Read more

Mad People Riddim | Produced by Motto

Photo © Mad People Riddim/Lashley 'Motto' Winte r The new music just keeps flowing as the year comes to a close. This is… Read more

Body | Nailah, Adam O, DJ Cheem & QQ

Photo © Press Back Riddim Project. Nailah gyrating her body does not look fluid or as natural as the lady in pink in that 'Bo… Read more

Over Dey | Karene Asche | Trinidad 2022

The Calypso Queen is rocking the Soca boat with a new track entitled 'Over Dey''. Karene says that you can watch from… Read more

Dutty Dutty Riddim 2022 | Produced by Boogy Rank$$

Image via bing images © The "Dutty Dutty Riddim". Like the Old English rhyme, the Dutty Dutty Riddim took something … Read more

Old Ting Riddim 2022 | Produced by Skorch Bun It

Old Ting Riddim by Scorch Bun It   This could be your lucky seven for this Sunday morning, seven songs on a riddim produced by Sk… Read more

Bad Boi Riddim Grenada 2022 | Produced by Marvin Thomas

Bad Boi Riddim Grenadan Jab Soca No one can stop the Jab! All you can do is fall in line and call for more Jab Soca vibes. Today,… Read more

Friday Lime Starter Riddim Mix | MGL

It is the end of the week and time to start the lime right. We need a vibe to start the weekend groove. We needed something tha… Read more

Miami Carnival 2021 | Risky Business

Miami Carnival is this weekend, so let's do a post refresh since you have already decided to attend the carnival celebration… Read more

From Summer to Fall 2021 | Dj StylezMusicMix

Photo © Dj Stylez It is hump day people, but most of all, it is the first day of Autumn here in New York City. Sigh, I can't … Read more

Boss Level Riddim | DJ Ky Production

Picture © Boss Level Production Team This is the newly released Boss Level Riddim produced by DJ Ky; this production features Soc… Read more

Horn Anatomy | It Starts Here

Recently we featured a post with Skinny Fabulous playing the role of the jilted lover, the one who was in pain because Maja Hype … Read more

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