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Recently we featured a post with Skinny Fabulous playing the role of the jilted lover, the one who was in pain because Maja Hype sampled the honey pot. In that post, we featured three horn songs, well two horn songs, and one that can only be described as a cry for help. The songs, 'Take yuh horn and stay quiet' and Motto's 'Horn' were meant to make you smile but Skinny's 'Too Damn Wicked' revealed the pain of the act. So where does it start? "Problem is ah problem"; we use the Vincy Bad Boy's song, 'Thief A Piece' to highlight this post we entitled, 'The Anatomy of The Horn, It Starts Here'. We hope you like it.

"Oh my, shame and scandal in the neighborhood, somebody get horn"! This is what real 'comess' and bacchanal is all about in the Caribbean... nothing beats talking about somebody getting 'Horn'. But wait, if someone gets 'horn' then someone else has to do the 'horning'. This is the devil we are about the deal with for this post. It starts with a look, a glance, and usually, it is the man who initiates the hunt with a nod acknowledging he likes what his eyes, the window to his soul, are seeing.  But wait, the women are not exempt from the hunt, they know when a man likes what he sees and can tease and lead on with the sway of her hips, her cadence, and just that sly, tease and a wink. This is how it starts off, and boom, just like that,  we have romance and heartbreak in the making. 

So let's break it down like this...

Usually, it is a married couple that is having trouble (could be a common-law relationship) that opens the door for cheating. 

Horn, simply put this is cheating Caribbean style and, let me tell you Caribbean cheaters have real tricks up their sleeves. 

The opportune time is when the spouse (man or woman) leaves for work or is away from home for some time. Sometimes, it happens at work or after work with both cheaters returns home as if nothing unusual happened.

This is where West Indians get creative. They love cheating in cars (yes, sex we are talking about), they know every shady motel in the nearby towns. They even find nooks and crannies at work to share bodily fluids... it is the truth, so don't be a prude. 

Well, this is the big question everyone asks. Someone may be abused at home, they may become bored with their lifestyle, promises made were never kept or they are just 'nasty as bat shit' and love the excitement of getting away with it. 

The how is what makes Caribbean cheating aka horning a classic story to tell. Husbands and wives, common-law relationships, and just two people supposedly in love conduct themselves in such a manner that the other person does not have a clue. The plan, they connive and they just do it as if it is needed like a breath of air. 

Now if you are thinking about it and want to 'thief piece' you are on the cusp of performing the act of 'Horn'. If you have to 'thief ah piece' and the lady is in a relationship your goal is to get in-between and cheat. Just keep in mind that cheating always comes at a price. I remember two guys fighting over a woman when I was a young man. It was a three canal cutlass that solved the issue. One remained with a limp for life after the blade severed his tendon connecting his heel to the calf muscle. The funny thing is that none of those guys ended up with the woman, she moved on to greener pastures.

Yes, there is always a price to pay...  the fear of getting caught, is it worth it? Or, maybe the lash of a bull-pistle (watak, aka the equalizer) cutting the skin on your back makes you a warrior or a scorned and punished love thief. That is akin to the mark of the beast for sure. You are marked for life just because you could not 'tie yuh cock with a twine', as the song goes. Remember, when that thought comes into your head (the anatomy of the horn starts) bite your tongue and think twice about committing. The outcome is that you will surely hurt one or two persons or maybe you will be physically hurt. The really bad alternative is that you will have to look down from another plane of life (punanny can cause death in many ways)! Most of the time, if you ask anyone about horn or getting horn, the response will be, 'not me nah'. It is more than likely they already got horned and are too ashamed to admit it, or they have done it themselves. 

We added Problem Child's 'Thief Piece' to illustrate the anatomy of 'Horn'. Listen to the song and learn well... your life can depend on it, remember "what sweet in goat mouth does sour in he bam-bam"!  You have been warned, LOL!

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Song Title: Thief Piece
Riddim: Uber Riddim
Performed by: Problem Child
Written by: Shertz James (Problem Child)
Produced by: Lashley 'Motto' Winter
Mixed and Mastered by: Scratch Master

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