Bad Boi Riddim Grenada 2022 | Produced by Marvin Thomas

Bad Boi Riddim Grenadan Jab Soca
No one can stop the Jab! All you can do is fall in line and call for more Jab Soca vibes. Today, we are doing that for all Jab Soca lovers. This is a PowA Music production (Back Ah Yard Records). This Riddim, entitled Bad Boi Riddim, features two tracks. Track one features Terra D Governor x Fadda Fox with a song entitled 'Freedom' while song number two features Skinny Banton x Mandella Linkz, this one is aptly named, 'More Jab'.

Jab Soca has become the trademark Soca music of the Spice Isle. We are talking about Grenada and Carriacou. Both islands have separate Carnival dates but the artists who produce Jab music for both territories are the same. The Jab Jab phenomenon of Carnival dates back to the early years when carnivals gradually moved from the colonial slave master class to that of the slaves and free slaves who gradually took control of the celebration. In Trinidad & Tobago, the Jab Molassie reigned supreme while in Grenada there was simply the Jab Jab. This style of Soca music, Jab Soca, celebrates the Jab movement of Grenada/Carriacou. We too celebrate the music style and post this riddim for your listening pleasure and feedback. 
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Special Notes - The Story of Jab Jab (Spicemas Corporation)
  • Jab Molassie or 'molasses devil' in French Patois, is one of the oldest Carnival characters; possibly dating back to the days of slavery. He represents the ghost of a slave who met his death by falling into a vat of boiling molasses in a sugar factory.
  • The story has changed from the old Jab Molassi to the new, more familiar devil-like character. The jab patois for “double devil” has a similar name to the jab molassie, but a different history. The Jab Jab occupies a space between the worlds of life and death. Despite the European origins of the Carnival from the Catholic tradition in the 15th and 16th centuries, African traditions are evident in the Mas. The Jab Jab’s portrayal brings focus on our African roots.
Please link to the Spicemas Corporation site to read the full article on the Story of Jab Jab as it relates to the Grenadian historical documentation. 

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Riddim Title: Bad Boi Riddim
Produced by: Marvin “PowA Music” Thomas (Back Ah Yard Records)
Mixed by: Marvin “PowA Music” Thomas
Mastered by PowaMastering
Singers on the Riddim:
Terra D Governor x Fadda Fox - Freedom
Skinny Banton x Mandella Linkz - More Jab

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