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Miami Carnival is this weekend, so let's do a post refresh since you have already decided to attend the carnival celebrations. Our refresh will simply act as a reminder to do the right and safe things to remain healthy during your feting weekend. 

Here is the essence of the message given by the Mayor of Miami/Dade county; the guidelines will help keep you safe. 

It's important that we all get back to the basic COVID precautions we know work:
  • Get vaccinated as soon as possible
  • Wear a mask in public indoor settings. We also strongly encourage you to wear a mask in all public settings including outdoors – especially when in large crowds and around people you don’t know to be vaccinated.
  • Practice social distancing in public and socialize outdoors wherever possible
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Stay home if you’re sick, and if you have been exposed or experience COVID symptoms – even if you’re vaccinated – get tested.
The original article:
Welcome to Miami Carnival 2021, the fete is on! There was a sigh of relief for many longing for carnival relief, but while Carnivals across the planet have been canceled because of the Covid-19 World pandemic, Miami is going to have the only live carnival experience for 2021. Here is what we have to say to you or anyone attending festivities in Miami for Broward Carnival 2021. We want you to be with us after the feting is over... let that sink in, take a moment. 

In the US, the CDC set the guidelines for mass gatherings but Florida is breaking all the rules and allowing the guidelines to be flaunted. Look, the carnival is going to take place next month (October) with a number of fetes planned along with the regular carnival events. If you plan to go, if you have to be there for whatever reason, please ensure that you do the following, get vaccinated and wear a mask!

The Delta variant is causing some vaccinated people to get sick (breakthrough cases). The good news is that most vaccinated people who get this variant will not end up in a hospital, but will be able to 'ride the storm' and survive the infection. We don't want you to have an unfavorable experience with Covid-19, too many people have unexpectedly lost loved ones. Please don't end up as a statistic on that horrible death chart. 

Ok, to hell with the rules and the associated dangers of congregating in large numbers with people you don't know. It's the carnival of the year and you are going! After all, "if the priest could play, who is me"? We know you plan to take all precautions, you are vaccinated and you plan to wear a mask... good! Now keep in mind that there will be anti-vaxxers and skeptics attending these events who don't care about Covid-19 and have no fear to be in crowded situations. Do you really want to be breathing the same air with these people? Do you want them to be rubbing up on you in a fete or in any crowded situation? Seriously, think about these things. Do you have unvaccinated children or elderly parents living with you who are not vaccinated? Do you want to risk taking Covid-19 into your home environment? Remember the following: keep to your crew, don't (under any circumstance) share drinks even if you haven't seen someone for some time and they stick their drink in your face! Keep your mask on at all times except to sip your beverage of choice. Practice social distancing as much as is possible and absolutely avoid hugging. I know that there are many questions being thrown out here but think about what could go wrong... and it will for some people attending these events. 

I know that many, who plan to attend, are excited that they can finally release the pent-up carnival stress but buyers beware of the consequences that could happen. Carnivals across the World were canceled for good reason. Even New York City canceled the Labor Day Carnival street parade. Don't let this need to fete be your last carnival fete with friends. It would be a very sad situation if your friends have to take a drink for you in a future carnival because Miami Carnival 2021 was your last. 

This post was not done to prevent Soca Artists or Show entrepreneurs from earning a living. It was meant to keep people alive! The rationale is that we can fete when the climate for feting is the right time. This is not the time to be complacent. We wish you well, if you plan to be celebrating in Miami, just remember the CDC guidelines. We all need to do our part to stop the spread of this very contagious virus. One day, the masks will come off, the scourge will be under control and we will be able to party hard once again. Until then, we should all play it safe!

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Live, Love, and be Happy... Carnivals come and go, don't let it all become memories of you!

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