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Great Is Calypso | Carlton Louison | Trinidad & Tobago

Through Calypso music, all stories are told! Today we feature a song that does just that. This one comes home with a story abo… Read more

4th Quarter Riddim | Various Artistes | Trinidad & Tobago 2019

We are playing catchup with this posting. These are the songs on the newly released "4Th. Quarter Riddim" produced b… Read more

Prove Us Wrong | Feel Good by Fay Ann

Coming Soon: Feel Good by Fay-Ann Lyons Alvarez! Some love to hate her while others hate to love her... to each his or her own… Read more

After Carnival 2018 Music Releases | Trinidad Soca Artistes

Photo ©KEStheBand Soca music artistes release new music all year round and not just seasonally based on a territory carniva… Read more

Chutney Soca Monarch Winners 2018 | Trinidad and Tobago

If you were asleep at the wheels then you missed last nights Chutney Soca Monarch competition. The  show took place at Shinn… Read more

West Indian Rhythm: Trinidad Calypsos 1938-1940

Today, on WACK Radio 90.1fm Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Kenny Phillips and the infamous 'Sprangalang' were discussing (an… Read more

Queen Elizabeth II Visits Trinidad & Tobago | 1966

Trinidad and Tobago is now a republic however, there was a time when we were once part of the British Empire ruled from Lond… Read more

Pan Jazz Radio | Pan Lovers Delight #4

We are confident that you listened to the parts 1-3 of the Pan Jazz Radio posts and still want more. Well here is post number… Read more

Pan Jazz Radio | Pan Lovers Delight #3

We have a little more Pan Jazz Vibes for you. Now you may have wondered what the first show of this series was all about. O… Read more

Pan Jazz Radio | Pan Lovers Delight #2

We have more Pan Jazz music for you from Pan Jazz Radio. Please note that we are randomly selecting the shows and posting the… Read more

Pan Jazz Radio | Pan Lovers Delight #1

It does not matter if you had a bad day yesterday or a slow start to your morning experience because this music will create a… Read more

Calypso Fiesta Order of Appearance | Trinidad/Tobago 2017

Order of Appearance for TUCO's Calypso Fiesta scheduled to take place at Skinner' Park in San Fernando, Trinidad on S… Read more

Song of Choice for Trinidad &Tobago Panorama 2017 | Good Morning by Peter Ram

We have some Steelband news to share with our readers. This has to do with song selections for Trinidad and Tobago Panorama c… Read more

Aripo | Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

Aripo applies to several place names in Trinidad. The Heights of Aripo and the Aripo Massif are part of the Northern Range a… Read more

SMILE | Ataklan Feat. Terry Lyons | Trinidad & Tobago 2010

Sensually, this was the best release for the 2010 season; Ataklan and Terry Lyons combined harmoniously to produce one of my … Read more

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