Prove Us Wrong | Feel Good by Fay Ann

Coming Soon: Feel Good by Fay-Ann Lyons Alvarez!

Some love to hate her while others hate to love her... to each his or her own. But here is the deal... we have been privileged to listen to an upcoming music release from Fay-Ann entitled, "Feel Good". First impressions always count and this one scored heavily on that front but... there is that sickening feeling that brought us to this place.

Bad boys win, the good never get recognized and that, right there, is the fear we feel in our gut regarding this song. We have already done a post for this song but we are here to challenge you to pay attention to the lyrics and reward the song based on what you hear. Don't be one of those YouTube hater-comment persons who like to click on the thumbs down button because you hate to love the artiste while at the same time love to hate on them. 

Controversy wins in the end! Why should that be the case for a song to be successful? Why should we reward mediocre songs because you like the hook! Why jump on the bandwagon simply because everyone else likes the naughty side of the song? How about rewarding excellence for a change. Music producers work hard, bring the vibe and the artiste adds personality to the music. If the vibe is sweet, the lyrical content relevant and makes sense why can't that be the impetus to catapult a song to the top? We want you, the hater, to prove us wrong!

In a few days (maybe two weeks) the riddim that "Feel Good" is on will drop. Listen to the songs and share your thoughts in the comment section for the upload. Now when you hear Fay Ann's song we challenge you to find fault with the song. We challenge you to demean the message and the vibe that "Feel Good" delivers. Rhythm is life and there is a rhythm in everything that we do but times have changed and we have lost our way. Fay Ann's song takes you back to a place where you can, once again, feel and appreciate that rhythm and 'Feel Good' once again. 

If you want Soca music to get ahead then it is time to reward excellence and stop falling for musical politicians promises. The flame will burn brightly when there are combinations of life and rhythm in the vibe but quickly burns brightly and fade away when there is little substance. 

In the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the role of the Badjohn has changed... it is time to let them prove that good vibes can win it all. We love the song and we challenge you to prove us wrong... show the World that you can appreciate excellence in music. In "Feel Good" Fay-Ann opines, "everybody is on their phone; man they cyar leave it at home; through the party shining bright, camera and video light; is only social media, no social behavior". She (Fay-Ann) then invites the audience to 'just wine' as in you came to the party to have fun, just do that! When you get the opportunity, listen to Fay Ann's song and take it to the top.

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We will post the song when the Production team officially release the Riddim (name of riddim held back). We are confident that you will like the songs on the Riddim. This post is meant to create an awareness regarding good lyrical content partnering with excellence in music. We do hope you can appreciate why we cannot post the song here at this time. 
Song Coming Soon (we have it but don't have permission to post it; the producer will determine the release date for this song... we will post it when it goes live on Julianspromos and other sites).


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Unknown said…
This have being a serious struggle with music in T&T straight across the board in both mainstream and Gospel (when it comes to just appteciating art).Nobody rewards standard or even level this blog everything for me is right. My question is why we as one people just cant push and elevate each other for that fact we all are creatives in our space and show such appreciation for being yourself? #upcomingartistes