SMILE | Ataklan Feat. Terry Lyons | Trinidad & Tobago 2010

Sensually, this was the best release for the 2010 season; Ataklan and Terry Lyons combined harmoniously to produce one of my favorite songs ever  - "SMILE"

Terri Lyons, sister or Faye Anne and daughter of the Soca Baptist Austin "Super Blue" Lyons, has teamed up with one of my favorite singers Ataklan and produced an absolute gem and one that I consider the best sensual track so far for the 2010 season.

This track should cross the island 'who better than who' idiotic conversations and simmer at the top. Now when this gem pushes aside all the repeated rhythms (riddims) offered by other artistes, just the way royalty should, not a damn dog should bark! This is plain and simple sweet music that should make anyone simply Smile.

It is interesting that segments of the video for this gem were done during the festival of lights, Diwali. This  goes to show how the cultural diversity of the island runs through every segment of the society.  Notice at the end of the video how Terri runs her hands over the lighted deyas as the flames suck the oxygen out of the air lending to the warmth and sensual feel of the video. We transition from the yellow and orange flame of the lighted deyas and find ourselves immersed in an  orange backdrop with a burning red  hibiscus and finally Terri, with her beautiful 'SMILE' bringing the video to an end. Now do you think that I should put a country of origin stamp on this video/song? Why should I ruin this beautiful work with similar selfish nonsense seen in so many threads on 

We are one Caribbean people and our voices should always proclaim that fact. As a matter of fact it should be our mantra because we are stronger together as one people - Beautiful and Sensual... This is what we as a Caribbean people have to give to the World and we should celebrate our God given talents everyday with positive thoughts and deeds (in other words let's big up each other instead of trying to talk down to one another). Now sit back and run the vibes again and just S M I L E!

I have an update to this one and it may or may not be to your liking. The song was given an Island Pop flavor (Trini Island Pop style). Take a listen and see if it still sounds fabulous!

Production Notes/Music Video: 
Performed by: Ataklan & Terri Lyons
Ataklan Production Ltd
HyPro Ltd
Music Produced by: Daryl Braxton
Clothing by: Meling
Beach House Entertainment
Produced & Directed by: Walt Lovelace

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). Lend me your ears... Enjoy!
♫ Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).

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