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Jammin | Holla Bak | Barbados/Trinidad Soca 2020

We don't just like this one, we love it! We are fans of this very talented singer, Holla Bak, out of Barbados, the home o… Read more

Project 2020 Riddim | Anson Pro Productions | Trinidad Soca 2020

It is time to get real and wine "up on it" just the way Viking Ding Dong beckons! Then you have the professor with … Read more

Skinner Park Riddim | Precision Productions | Trinidad Soca 2020

Precision Productions locked on to a value system with these new music releases. Simply put, and as stated by Precision Produ… Read more

Yuh Bad (No Stressing) | Preedy | Trinidad Soca 2020

Preedy is not trying to make it in the business of Soca anymore, hell no! Preedy, the artiste, can mix it up with any of the … Read more

Caught Up | Aaron Duncan | Trinidad Soca 2020

From Calypso to Soca to CalypSoca! In as much that we applaud this new music release from Aaron Duncan we need to take note… Read more

Mayhem | LFS Music | Trinidad Soca 2020

Today we debut an excellent music release entitled "Mayhem" by LFS Music. This is a production of Twin Island Studi… Read more

Disorder | Ultimate Rejects | Trinidad Soca 2020

Say something... this song is wicked! Put up or shut up and for those who were wining (as in complaining) that the music comi… Read more

Caution Riddim | St. Lucia 2019/Trinidad Soca 2020

This is a wicked mix of a very special Riddim produced by International Stephen and Vibez Productions. These songs are wicked … Read more

Talking That Talk | Machel Montano x Travis World | Trinidad Soca 2020

If you really want to get in and have an impact then you better know how to talk that talk... yes, are showcasing "Talki… Read more

Slow Wine | Nailah Blackman & Konshens | Trinidad Soca 2020

Nailah Blackman and Konshens deliver a very sensual and sometimes provocative experience for this music release entitled "… Read more

Carry On | Patrice Roberts | Trinidad Soca 2020

Oh my goodness, Patrice Roberts x Problem Child is a match made in Soca music heaven. Simply put, Patrice killed it! I listene… Read more

Looking For China | Bunji Garlin | Trinidad Soca 2020

What is Bunji Garlin really looking for? Do you think that he is looking towards the far east or a mythical namesake? Well, let… Read more

Wrong Again | Skinny Banton | Grenada 2019/Trinidad Soca 2020

Horn meh but doh leave me...  well, not exactly friends. Horn does hurt, horn does kill, horn is not good for the soul and ca… Read more

Journey Of The Enabler | Dale Ryan x Singing Sandra

The message is in the journey... "Life is a journey". Oh, what a journey, and along the way, we make choices that n… Read more

Bring De Heat | Xone x Smash x King Bubba | Trinidad Soca 2020

It is time to bring the heat and add some excitement to the new music releases for carnivals in 2020. This music release is en… Read more

Captain | Choppi | Trinidad Soca 2020

Today we feature a new track from the artiste 'Hey Choppi'. The song is entitled "Captain" but we make refe… Read more

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