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Devon Seale is the New Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Devon Seale is the newly minted Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago. The final competition before J'Ouvert captivated… Read more

Calypso Monarch Finals Order of Appearance | Trindad & Tobago 2016

Here is the listing of the 'Order of Appearance' for the Trinidad and Tobago Calypso Monarch competition scheduled for t… Read more

Kaisorama 2016 | Terrific Thursday | Trinidad & Tobago

They billed it as 'Terrific Thursday' and it was the day/night that the 'other not so well known' champions w… Read more

Gypsy Takes A Toilet Paper Ride To The Calypso Finals

A show of toilet paper is a death warrant for any Calypsonian performing on a stage in Trinidad and Tobago. This notorious g… Read more

Calypso Monarch Finals 2016 | Dimanche Gras Trinidad & Tobago

The list of the Calypso Monarch finalists for Carnival 2016 has been released by TUCO (Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organizat… Read more

Four Calls | Crazy | Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Listen to this: ha, ha, ha, ha!  Real talk... ent you know that Calypso is the heart and soul of the musical culture of Trinid… Read more

It Eh Go Wuk | Chuck Gordon | Panorama 2016

Kaiso, kaiso and consider it a wrap for Carnival 2016! This is new music from the reigning Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tob… Read more

Sycophant | Hamidullah | Trinidad & Tobago 2016

If it is news worthy of mention then 'bet yuh bottom dollar' that is will soon be heard in song... the Griots will en… Read more

My Trinbago | Kassman | Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Did you hear the refrain? It is Kaiso, Kaiso and that is the cry when someone hears a really good Calypso. Any song that has … Read more

Griot Bardjohn | Kurt Allen | Trinidad & Tobago 2016

We are back at it again with another Calypso release for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016. This one is entitled "Griot Bar… Read more

Hashtag HYSM | Mistah Shak | Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Mistah Shak has delivered a gem for the start of the Calypso season in Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2016. The song is en… Read more

N.G.P. (No Grace Period) | Kurt Allen | Trinidad 2016

Here comes the Last Bardjohn of Calypso, the one and only Kurt Allen, with a song entitled "N.G.P. (No Grace Period)".… Read more

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