Calypso Monarch Finals 2016 | Dimanche Gras Trinidad & Tobago

The list of the Calypso Monarch finalists for Carnival 2016 has been released by TUCO (Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organization - More than 41 Calypsonians competed at the Calypso Fiesta Semi Finals that was held at Skinners Park, San Fernando on Saturday January 29 for a chance to dethrone the defending Monarch Roderick "Chucky" Gordon (photo). 

The Calypson Monarch finals will be held at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain on Sunday February 7th., 2016. It is the Sunday night show better known as Dimanche Gras that gives way to J'Ouvert and the two day reign of King Carnival. A monarch will be crowned; it could be the reigning Monarch or a new title holder!

Winston 'Gypsy' Peters (former Extempo Champ) is back after a hiatus as government minister in the former PP government. As was expected, he was booed and some even waved toilet paper rolls to welcome him on stage. However, Gypsy is a seasoned professional and he used that fact (toilet paper waving) and improvised his song to turn the threat right back at the audience. Now that is the mark of a very good Calypsonian - he made it to the finals! Love them or hate them (the fans) they are the voice of the people and the people spoke. Well to be on point.. .the judges had the final say and we have the finalists listed below along with a sampling of their performances for the Semi Final round of competition.

We wish all the contestants the best but they must know that the reigning Monarch is set like a mapepire waiting to strike on Dimanche Gras night!

Here is the list of finalists and reserve singer set to compete to wrest the Monarchy from Roderick 'Chucky' Gordon. 
  1. Chalkdust 
  2. Cro Cro 
  3. Devon Seales
  4. Gypsy 
  5. Heather McIntosh
  6. Helon Francis 
  7. Karene Asche 
  8. Lady Adanna 
  9. Mister Shak 
  10. Queen Victoria 
  11. Skatie 
Name of Singer
  1. Hollis Liverpool
  2. Winston Rawins
  3. Devon Seales
  4. Winston Peters
  5. Heather McIntosh
  6. Helon Francis
  7. Karene Asche
  8. Marsha Clifton
  9. Selvon Noel
  10. Victoria Cooper-Rahim
  11. Carlos James
Semi Final Song
  1. When Trini Get Vex
  2. Advice to the Boss
  3. Respect God's Voice
  4. Too Many
  5. By Other Men's Faults
  6. Paradise
  7. Bring Back De Love
  8. Murder A Day
  9. Generation Next
  10. The After Shock
  11. Back On Track
Reserve/Standby Singer:
Brian London

Here is a sample of the Semi-Finals (Calypso Fiesta) performances that was held at Skinners Park in San Fernando (01/30/2016):

Update 02/07/2016
Devon Seale is the New Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2016
Go to the following link to see the entire results: Devon Seale is the New Calypso Monarch 2016


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