Gypsy Takes A Toilet Paper Ride To The Calypso Finals

A show of toilet paper is a death warrant for any Calypsonian performing on a stage in Trinidad and Tobago. This notorious greeting of a singer with toilet paper means that the audience simply does not like you, for a myriad of reasons, or that your performance just stinks!

History has taught us that the judges always take this cue to deny a singer of a place in the next round of competition.  We have news for you... the tide has turned! The 2016 Calypso Fiesta will go down in history as the year one man took the bull by the horns and turned toilet paper to roses. Winston "Gypsy" Peters just regained his 'mojo' with the people of Trinidad and Tobago!

Clearly Gypsy has positioned himself as the front runner after he pulled off that feat of 'putting the toilet paper handlers in their place'. The former extempore champion used the toilet paper episode and improvised his song to teach the naysayers a lesson. His brilliant extempo lines were punishing and on point with the song he was singing - "Too Many". I am sure that many of the toilet paper wavers will not spit in the air and look up to see where it falls again (at least when Gypsy is on the rampape). In other words they are now understanding that they were properly 'put in their place' by one of Trinidad and Tobago's best Calypsonian (not a Calypso singer).

One would hope that Gypsy's stinging lesson was understood however, we have seen his song, entitled 'Too Many', being referred to as 'Toilet Paper'. Well, you know the saying, "who laugh last, laugh best'. "Ent yuh know Gypsy has the silliest grin on his face now"!

He was confident and did not miss a beat during his performance on that infamous Skinner Park stage. Gypsy has shown that his time away from the stage did not limit his ability to take control of the audience and deliver a sterling performance.

Zagada extends congratulations to Mr. Peters; we wish him much success in the final round of competition. Bravo Mr. Winston "Gypsy" Peters

Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Too Many
Performed by: Winston "Gypsy" Peters

Errol Peru:
The Master at work. The most famous Extempo verse in the history of Calypso. Must watch and listen. Class is Class.

Dawad Philip:
Winston Gypsy Peters led the field with the highest scores of all contestants in the results. Skinner Park dotishness provided the perfect prop for an outstanding performance.

Edwin Ayoung:
Hats off to Winston Gypsy Peters for being the first Calypsonian to get toilet paper and make the finals on the same day - If he do the same thing in the finals ( Extempore) that is - He will be on his way to his second title - He is one of the greatest Calypsonians that ever live

MrsRoxy Singh Belle:
No lie... Looking past the toilet paper, I really like the song. Lawwwwwwwd and that last verse... According to Sprangalang "Yattacks!!" Lol... Yes... Good comeback.

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Did you miss my Extempo verse at Calypso Fiesta? Here's it again!
Posted by Winston Peters on Monday, February 1, 2016

Here is the entire performance of the song that has catapulted Mr. Winston "Gypsy" Peters to the forefront of discussions regarding performances for the recently concluded Calypso Fiesta Semi-Final round of competition.

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