Devon Seale is the New Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago 2016

Devon Seale is the newly minted Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago. The final competition before J'Ouvert captivated the nation took place at the Queen's Park Savannah last night. Some Calypsonians did not deliver as expected leaving the door open for one deserving singer... Mr. Devon Seale!

The Calypso Monarch Competition showcased twelve singers and twenty four songs. After 'the dust cleared' and they made the patrons wait for almost one hour to get the results  the results were announced. I am sure you are reacting to the placement of some singers just as the patrons at the Savannah did last night. However, no one complained when Devon Seale was announced the winner' it was well deserved!

Congratulations are extended to Mr. Devon Seale on being crowned the new Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2016.

Here is the order they finished and the songs they sang:
Name of Singer
  1. Devon Seale
  2. Helon Francis
  3. Roderick Gordon
  4. Karene Asche
  5. Selvon 'Mistah Shak' Noel
  6. Dr. Hollis Liverpool
  7. Heather Mc Intosh
  8. Victoria C. Rahim
  9. Winston 'Gypsy' Peters
  10. Winston Rawlins
  11.  Carlos 'Skatie' James
  12. Marsha Davis-Clifton
Song #1
  1. Respect God's Voice
  2. Paradise
  3. Fixing Time
  4. Bring Back D'Love
  5. Generation Next 
  6. The Road Bad
  7. By Other Men's Fault
  8. More Hope
  9. Too Many
  10. Advice to the Boss
  11. Jus Come Chinee
  12. Murder a Day
Song #2
  1. The Spirit of Carnival
  2. Real Bandits
  3. It Eh Go Wuk
  4. The Politics of Spite
  5. #HYSM
  6. When Trini Get Vex
  7. The Headquarters
  8. The After Shock
  9. Ship of State
  10. Can I look in your eyes
  11. Right Back on Track 
  12. My Music
Relive the Moment the Results were announced!


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Unknown said…
Congratulations Mr Devon. Good message and nice vibes.